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Flat Wire Mesh Conveyor by Power Pack

Flat wire mesh belts are constructed of cross rods and flat metal strips that provide easy air circulation, excellent fluid drainage, and easy cleaning. Flat wire mesh belts offer a flat conveying surface with a maximum open area for free air flow or water drainage.

Power Pack flat wire mesh belts are manufactured with clinched edges, they are easy to clean and are highly sanitary.
Flat wire mesh belts are easy to maintain as you can replace only the section that is damaged or worn.
Flat wire mesh belts have several applications including washing and drying
Industries best suited for flat wire mesh belts include food baking, chemicals, agricultural, and harvesting.
Flat wire mesh belts are positively driven with a cast or precision machined sprocket which makes for easy tracking. These sprockets are matched to specific flat wire belts creating the best possible tooth to connecting rod engagement. This custom fit between the belt and sprocket tooth increases the life of both components. Custom designed sprockets are also readily available.
Flat wire mesh belts have a continuous belt system made by nesting flat wire pickets inserted with a straight round wire connector through accurately positioned holes. The connectors serve as a hinge, allowing for full vertical flexibility to the belt. Power Pack engineers will work with you to ensure that the flat wire mesh belt is best suited for your needs.

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