Safely and efficiently load, move, and redirect contained shipments to increase productivity and reduce workplace injury.
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Palletizing System

The palletizing system is designed to safely and efficiently load, move, and redirect pallets and other contained loads on conveyors in preparation for shipping or storage. Depending upon the specific industry and application focus, a variety of conveyor types may be used to transport heavy shipments from one place to another within the facility so to increase productivity and reduce workplace injury.

System Applications

  • The palletizing system is optimal for handling products that are individually packaged in crates, boxes, cases, totes, and bags and carefully arranged for shipment. Some examples within the endless array of industries that palletize their end product include assembly parts, consumer goods, and construction materials.
  • Industries that use a streamlined process of palletization often incorporate the use of automated conveyors and robotic arms to increase the accurate, reliable, and efficient handling of goods for final shipment or storage.

System Benefits

  • The ability to incorporate an automated and ergonomic palletizing system into your facility means that the need for manual pallet handling is greatly reduced, thus minimizing the possibility of work-related injuries occurring within such a labor-intensive part of the process.
  • Power Pack brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the industry that has accumulated for three generations. By allowing our engineers to focus entirely on designing the palletizing system to precisely fit your needs, this gives you as the integrator or customer the ability to consider how to best focus on the robotics and controls portion of your operation.
  • After the design is finalized to your full satisfaction, the entire palletizing system is carefully constructed and tested in Power Pack’s factory. Customers are welcome to visit the facility to observe the testing process or are provided with video footage to review the final results before the fully assembled conveyors are shipped to your location.

Systems Solutions

  • Implementing an automated palletizing system into your facility will serve to address specific challenges within the industry, including the rising costs of labor and equipment and the need to update loading and assembly lines with the newest technology.
  • The wide variety of pallet shapes, sizes, and weight-limits often raises the question of how to safely and effectively move each load within the industry, yet a carefully tailored system that is designed by Power Pack’s engineers will take each of those unique elements into account and successfully address those concerns.
  • Additionally, the entire conveyance process of loading and moving pallets may be further streamlined through the use of robotic arms and other automatic features in such a way to boost industry production and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Talk to an Engineer

  • Power Pack’s engineers are experts in designing and constructing different types of palletizing operations, particularly by taking a consultative approach to working together when creating either a robotic or a conventional system. In return, you receive highly customized strategies and are able to implement advanced technologies within your industry.
  • Our team of engineers is especially dedicated to closely collaborating with you so to design the system that has the specific operational requirements necessary to achieve optimized production, decreased downtime, and increased worker safety to your complete satisfaction.


PPC Case Study

Commercial Construction Products

Power Pack worked with a large, multinational company that handled products within the equipment industry to solve an inefficient and unsafe method of moving loaded pallets by shifting three different packing areas within the factory to a single wrapping and loading area.
PPC Case Study

Construction & Building Supplies

Power Pack’s engineers helped a multi-billion-dollar international company overcome its inability to keep pace with high product demand by constructing a system to speed up production and fully meet the desired cycle time.

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