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Find the heavy-duty conveyor system to meet all of your needs by safely and efficiently transferring material within an overall cost-saving, ergonomic, and efficient assembly.
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Consumer Goods and Appliance Industry

Industries that handle the manufacturing of consumer goods and appliances require the use of heavy-duty conveyors that are specifically designed according to the precise application, product type and weight, temperature range, and plant atmosphere. Power Pack is dedicated to working directly with all of the variables within your commercial setting to deliver the product that accurately fits your demands.

Industry Applications

  • While a variety of conveyors may be useful within your industry, the best suited ones are of a heavy-duty construct in order to safely and efficiently transfer metal, plastic, machined, and final-assembled parts of differing weights, sizes, and temperatures.
  • Power Pack offers several conveyor models that will successfully handle all generated manufacturing operations from different points within your commercial setting, both inside and outside of the plant. In addition, specially designed conveyors keep your facilities clean and organized by sending scrap parts that are generated throughout the production processes to designated containers for transport.

Industry Benefits

  • Power Pack’s conveyors are fully equipped to work individually or can be designed to work in conjunction with an integrated system, thus fulfilling your transport needs on every level for cost-saving, ergonomic, and efficient assembly.
  • As the assembly line is a critical part of the consumer goods and appliance manufacturing process, each conveyor can be specifically designed and tailored to support both manual and automated stations according to your exact expectations.
Consumer Goods
Manufacturing and Assembly
Consumer Goods

Industry Solutions

  • Within an industry that requires the right conveyor to fulfill ongoing demand, Power Pack’s heavy-duty conveyors are the ideal solution for handling consumer goods and appliances. Built to withstand impact, extreme temperatures, abrasive materials, and corrosive atmospheres, every conveyor is constructed with expert care and with the understanding that its performance is mission-critical for your overall production.

Conveyors Related to This Industry

  • Chain-Driven Live Roller Conveyor: The CDLR is intended to move many different types of heavy products including bulky machinery, filled drums, loaded pallets, and more, all while maintaining a consistent rate of speed over a long distance. Designed to benefit a wide spectrum of industries from automotive and appliances to order fulfillment and distribution, every conveyor is carefully constructed out of durable materials to successfully handle your toughest jobs.
  • Gravity Conveyor: This conveyor uses the force of gravity to move product load over free-spinning rollers, resulting in an easy-to-install and perfectly relocatable mechanism due to its simple design that does not include any motorized parts. The gravity conveyor is the most economical non-powered material handling system for transporting flat boxes, containers, and related products through packing areas and assembly lines.
  • Tabletop Conveyor: The tabletop conveyor consists of linked and hinged plates that are constructed from plastic, mild steel, or stainless steel. Designed to carry or accumulate product for automated machinery, this conveyor type is well-suited to fit a wide range of high-speed production environments and has excellent flexibility to safely carry many types of goods within a variety of production line layouts.
  • Wire Mesh Conveyor: The wire mesh belt conveyor is a very versatile model that is well-suited for applications that involve washing, drying, heating, cooling, and spraying products at either very hot or very cold temperatures. The construction of each conveyor is dependent upon the required usage within the industry that it is crafted for, and comes in a standard model as well as the flat wire and woven wire types. Due to its endurance, reliability, and low-maintenance qualities, the wire mesh belt conveyor is an optimal choice for many commercial settings.
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We’ve had very good relations with Power Pack through the years. They have good attention to detail with their engineering and their lead time & deliveries have exceeded our expectations. In general, it’s been good working with them.

Dave R.

President, Manufacturer’s Rep

Case Study

Consumer Goods

Power Pack worked with an industrial systems integrator and a large consumer appliances company end user to fully update their manual, antiquated, and inefficient production process by improving the entire design of their extensive and complex assembly line.
Power Pack Conveyor

Textile Industry

Power Pack designed a system for a privately-owned business with multiple nationwide locations that fully met the company’s desires to improve upon consistent cycle times and ergonomics while reducing the footprint of the overall operation.
Power Pack Conveyor


Power Pack’s team of engineers is dedicated to closely collaborating with you in order to design the conveyor with the specific operational requirements necessary to achieve optimized production, decreased downtime, and increased worker safety within your industrialized setting.

When discussing your needs, the goods being conveyed will be carefully evaluated according to their application, type and weight, required temperature, and plant atmosphere in order to determine what conveyors options and features are right for your industry.

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