Manufacturing & Assembly Line System

Combines conveyors, robotics, and specialized equipment to move a variety of products while reducing overall production times, human error, and worker injury.
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Manufacturing & Assembly Line System

A manufacturing system uses different kinds of conveyors, robotics, and specialized equipment to move products within a particular facility during each stage of the production process. Whether your industry is focused on large items like automotives and machinery or handles small materials like textiles and food products, Power Pack is committed to designing and building the precise system that works for you.

System Applications

  • Power Pack’s manufacturing system is guaranteed to assist with every phase of the production process, including transporting raw materials to each workstation, moving finished products to an inspection line, and conveying approved goods to a packing and shipping area.
  • For industries that handle heavy, hot, and oily machinery and appliances, the many available automated conveyor features are particularly helpful for increasing production rates while simultaneously decreasing safety concerns.

System Benefits

  • Every manufacturing system is able to improve efficiency by reducing overall production times and the possibility of human error and injury when conducting the most mundane tasks. Power Pack is particularly committed to providing you with unique industry benefits by crafting the exact system that works for your company, testing it to your satisfaction, and shipping each assembled part to your facility.
  • Power Pack brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table that was developed during three generations of being in the business. By allowing our engineers to focus entirely on designing the packaging system for your precise needs, this gives you as the integrator or customer the ability to consider how to best focus on the robotics and controls portion of the project.

Systems Solutions

  • In a very demanding environment that is increasingly affected by rising inflation, installing a Power Pack system assists your industry by offering a number of automated solutions to efficiently transport, monitor, and oversee your production.
  • In addition, improved productivity at your industrial plant through the use of a carefully tailored manufacturing system directly relates to better quality and profitability of your consumer goods, which in turn also results in increased output and faster ROI.
  • The decision to incorporate a manufacturing system with elements of automation and robotics in your industry means that you will be able to adapt more quickly to rapidly-expanding technology and integrate key updates and configurations into your process in the future.

Talk to an Engineer

  • Power Pack’s team of engineers is dedicated to closely collaborating with you and designing the manufacturing system that has all of the specific operational features that you require.
  • When discussing your needs with a representative, every element of your production process will be carefully taken into consideration, including the type, application, weight, and volume of raw material that is regularly processed and transformed into customer goods. In addition, the specific plant atmosphere and temperature requirements will also be evaluated so to guarantee that our engineers are able to determine what automated options and additional features are right for you.


PPC Case Study

Consumer Goods

Power Pack worked with an industrial systems integrator and a large consumer appliances company end user to fully update their manual, antiquated, and inefficient production process by improving the entire design of their extensive and complex assembly line.
PPC Case Study

Textile Industry

Power Pack designed a system for a privately-owned business with multiple nationwide locations that fully met the company’s desires to improve upon consistent cycle times and ergonomics while reducing the footprint of the overall operation.

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