Metalwork & Stampings

Metalwork and stamping applications require conveyors that meet the needs of rigorous conditions within harsh environments as large/heavy metal pieces, sheet metal and similar material are transformed into the final product. Such applications can include die casting, stamping, and shredding. Power Pack conveyors provide efficient industrial automation systems. 

  • In many cases, the bearings are fully enclosed for protection from the harsh environments of metalworking and stamping. 
  • Metalworking belt conveyors are typically open frame designs which allow for cooling and draining.
  • Power Pack offers conveyors with a low profile, space-saving design and can be integrated with machining and CNC machines. 

Streamlining, durability and efficiency are key factors when designing conveyors for use in metalwork and stamping industries. Power Pack engineers work closely with end users and systems integrators to make sure all operational requirements and options are taken into consideration when developing conveyor systems for metalwork and stamping operations.

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