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Metalworking & Stamping Industry

Within the metalwork and stamping industries, the ideal conveyor must adequately demonstrate a versatility and durability to fully face the challenges of rigorous conditions within a harsh environment. Power Pack’s conveyors provide an efficient industrial automation system to fully handle each step of the assembly process while also maintaining safety and flexibility for your entire operating workforce.

Industry Applications

Common applications within the metalworking and stampings industry include die casting, stamping, and shredding. The typical metalworking belt conveyor is an open frame design to allow for optimal cooling and draining of the moving parts while the bearings are fully enclosed so to protect them from the harsh surrounding environment.

Industry Benefits

Power Pack offers a conveyor with a low-profile, space-saving design that can be integrated with metalworking operations and CNC machines. Each conveyor is built with key factors in mind to make it as streamlined and efficient as possible so that it seamlessly handles the large and heavy metal pieces that are moved across it during processing.
Metalwork & Stampings
Metalwork & Stampings
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Industry Solutions

In order to fully address the ongoing needs and pressures of an intense and demanding industry, Power Pack’s conveyors provide efficient industrial automation systems that smoothly, accurately, and steadily carry large pieces of metal, sheet metal, and other similar materials through the production line as each section is transformed into the final product.

Conveyors Related to This Industry

  • Chain-Driven Live Roller Conveyor: The CDLR is intended to move many different types of heavy products including bulky machinery, filled drums, loaded pallets, and more, all while maintaining a consistent rate of speed over a long distance. Designed to benefit a wide spectrum of industries from automotive and appliances to order fulfillment and distribution, every conveyor is carefully constructed out of durable materials to successfully handle your toughest jobs.
  • Die / Low Profile Conveyor: Power Pack’s low profile conveyor is a sleek, space-saving system that is designed to easily fit into and smoothly integrate with your existing machinery and equipment. With its rugged design, this conveyor is built to withstand the punishment of a punch press or any type of automated application and is commonly used in industries that fulfill metal stamping, pharmaceutical, food processing, assembly, and packaging demands.
  • Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor: The hinged steel belt conveyor has a rugged, heavy-duty design and is built for long-term, low-maintenance operation so to minimize downtime within the most demanding of conditions. This conveyor type is well-suited to operate at low to moderate speeds within industries that handle scrap metals, oil-coated parts, stampings, forgings, fasteners, castings, and abrasive materials.
  • Magnetic Belt Conveyor: The magnetic belt conveyor is a type of belt conveyor that has a simple and straightforward design, which makes it one of the most widely used types in the overall industry. Operating through the use of strategically-placed electromagnets, the magnetic belt conveyor is especially ideal when moving metal items for recycling, stampings, and metal-scrap applications.
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We’ve had very good relations with Power Pack through the years. They have good attention to detail with their engineering and their lead time & deliveries have exceeded our expectations. In general, it’s been good working with them.

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Case Study

Commercial Construction Products

Power Pack worked with a large, multinational company that handled products within the equipment industry to solve an inefficient and unsafe method of moving loaded pallets by shifting three different packing areas within the factory to a single wrapping and loading area.
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Construction & Building Supplies

Power Pack’s engineers helped a multi-billion-dollar international company overcome its inability to keep pace with high product demand by constructing a system to speed up production and fully meet the desired cycle time.
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During each project, Power Pack’s engineers work closely with both the end user and the systems integrator to guarantee that all operational requirements and options are taken into consideration during the design and building processes.

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