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Forging & Foundry Industries

Forging and foundry manufacturing typically operates within extreme temperature environments, making it challenging to handle materials correctly while guaranteeing the safety of all laborers present. Power Pack’s conveyors are expertly designed to match the precise industry setting and are a game-changer when increasing the functionality of automated processes and simultaneously reducing the risk of worktime injuries.

Industry Applications

  • Power Pack offers a variety of conveyor options for the challenging environmental conditions within a forge or foundry. Depending upon the path that parts must travel, multiple conveyors may be used and can be set up horizontally, vertically, on an incline, or by using multiple directional combinations.
  • Every conveyor is skillfully constructed to withstand the harsh setting by using heavy-duty and abrasion-resistant construction materials in addition to equipping the mechanism with high-quality welds, belt reinforcements, impact plates, auto lube systems, and overload protection.

Industry Benefits

  • Power Pack’s conveyors are designed to be safe, efficient, durable, and reliable. The additional demands when operating with the forging and foundry applications are all taken into consideration when constructing each system to guarantee that the conveyor successfully operates for many years.
  • Conveyors used within foundries are constructed with the goal to keep all materials and parts safely contained on the belt during transport so to reduce the risk of employee injury and accidental fires.
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Industry Solutions

  • With extreme temperatures being a commonplace part of the forging and foundry industry, safety for laborers is an all-time concern. The unmatched quality of Power Pack’s conveyors guarantees that the mechanisms designed for your environment will contain all materials and parts on the belt, thereby protecting all workers involved and decreasing the possibility of accidental fires, personal injuries, and other safety concerns.
  • In addition, since Power Pack’s conveyors are constructed to seamlessly transport heavy payloads of varying temperatures, your entire industry can continue to operate with the peace of mind that all goods will be successfully delivered in a timely manner to the expectant consumer.

Conveyors Related to This Industry

  • Bucket Conveyor: Power Pack’s bucket conveyor is designed with scoop bucket cleats attached to a chain or fabric belt for handling bulk materials. This conveyor type performs best when used for applications to move dry, light, or powdery material such as iron ore pellets, sand, fly ash, and small grain materials, particularly within the agricultural and forging industries.
  • Chain Conveyors: Power Pack’s chain conveyor is designed to carry products with single, double, and multi-strand roller chains. The positive-drive method allows the handling of a variety of goods, as well as the effective conveyance of very heavy shipments like loaded pallets, packed boxes, and industrial-sized container loads. Besides a standard chain conveyor model, Power Pack also offers two subtypes (the drag chain conveyor, as shown above, and the slat conveyor) and is committed to carefully engineering the exact model to fit your specific application.
  • Horizontal Belt Conveyor: Power Pack’s horizontal belt conveyor is a standard model used to transport a variety of items on a flat and continuous plane. Typically used to transport goods within a production area, it is highly versatile and can be used in both large and small spaces. This conveyor is an ideal choice for many commercial operations because of its affordability and flexibility for easy installation, little maintenance, and smooth-running operation.
  • Troughing Idler: A troughing idler conveyor is a type of belt conveyor that has an angled belt design operating on top of idling rollers in order to provide a trough for the belt to carry bulk materials. This conveyor type is best suited for transporting abrasive materials in loose or bulk form for a variety of packing, construction, and mining applications.
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Power Pack Conveyors always brings the experience and expertise from their whole team to every project. The conveyors we receive always exceed our expectations of quality and reliability.

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Application Engineer, Integrator

Case Study

National Distribution Facility

Power Pack worked with a robotics integrator to design an automated and streamlined system to properly sort packaging and junk mail for the US Postal Service and free up manual workers for other tasks.
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Construction & Building Supplies

Power Pack’s engineers helped a multi-billion-dollar international company overcome its inability to keep pace with high product demand by constructing a system to speed up production and fully meet the desired cycle time.
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Power Pack’s team of engineers is committed to evaluating your facility, materials, and production methods in order to build the correct conveyor type to fit perfectly into your commercial process.

During the design process, each element that sets your industry apart from competitors will be taken into consideration so to create the conveyor that will transport your load in the most efficient and reliable way possible.

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