Corrugated Belt Conveyor

A corrugated-walled belt design to fully contain transported bulk items, small parts, and chemicals.
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Corrugated Belt Conveyor

Power Pack’s corrugated belt conveyor comes with a fabric belt that is corrugated, or grooved, along both edges in order to form a pocket that fully contains the transported materials. Typically used in applications to handle bulk items, small parts, and chemicals, the corrugated belt design successfully prevents your valuable product from falling off of the conveyor.

Selecting the Right Conveyor

  • Due to the corrugated belt conveyor having a fabric belt, the overall flexibility is increased and allows for compatibility with both small and large pulley diameters.
  • In addition, the pocketed belt configuration acts as a barrier in protecting the internal conveyor structure and guaranteeing that any moving product remains fully contained, especially when your industry setting requires that the conveyor include an incline or decline.

Common Applications

  • The corrugated belt conveyor is an ideal and efficient option for applications that transport bulk goods on ‘Z’ or ‘L’ style configurations.
  • As with all Power Pack equipment, the corrugated belt conveyor is designed based on the specific material handling needs of the commercial setting, particularly within the bulk, small parts, product, and chemical industries.
Corrugated Belt Conveyor
Corrugated Belt Conveyor
Corrugated Belt Conveyor

Your Trusted Partner for Conveyor Excellence

  • During the design phase, Power Pack engineers take the specific operation requirements into consideration, such as the material being conveyed, the height and weight details, the distance the product must travel, and the exact speed needed.
  • When working with an engineer, you have the option to add supplementary mechanisms to provide you and your labor force peace of mind when moving certain materials. In addition, every conveyor can also be further tailored to guarantee that any particular transport challenges that you may face are effectively handled.
  • Power Pack's conveyor solutions include an array of extra features that can be carefully tailored to meet the unique demands of your industry application. Our commitment to flexibility and customization ensures that each of our products aligns seamlessly with your operational needs, enhancing your overall efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of Using Conveyors

  • With its unique design, the corrugated belt conveyor allows for controlled transport of loose items while preventing spillage and damage. Its benefit especially applies to industries that require the delicate, safe, and secure movement and handling of product.
  • Every conveyor reduces the time it takes for your facility to transport products and frees up your labor force to focus on more critical tasks.
  • Employing the use of a Power-Pack conveyor in your facility ensures that the flow of materials moves quickly and efficiently, helping your scheduled output remain consistent to benefit your entire operation.

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Connecting with an Engineer

  • Power Pack engineers are prepared to design and create the exact corrugated belt conveyor model that meets your handling needs. In particular, factors including the width, length, and volume of the setting are all taken into consideration during the design phase with adequate time for feedback and adjustments from your industry.

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  • Bottles
  • Plastics
  • Recycling

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Power Pack Conveyor

Power Pack offers high quality conveyors. At very competitive pricing. They delivery on time and don’t try to change pricing before delivery. The whole staff is great to work with and make things easy.

Mike Q.

Sales Application Engineer, Integrator

The Power Pack Advantage

  • Every conveyor that Power Pack builds is designed to specification and completed with your particular operation in mind. With a variety of standard models and additional features to choose from, our engineers are happy to work with you to create the system that fully meets the needs of your business.
  • Construction is completed in the USA with long-term use in mind, saving you time and material overall. Every system is built to spec, fitted with standard safety features, and covered by Power Pack’s two-year warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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