Efficiently move assembled products by using conveyors, sorters, and accessories to increase industry productivity and effectiveness.
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Packaging System

Power Pack designs and creates a packaging system that efficiently moves products through an assembly line by the use of various types of conveyors, sorters, and accessories to increase the productivity and effectiveness of your industry. Whether you are in need of a standardized system that handles uniform packages or a finely tuned operation to convey a variety of items, our engineers are fully prepared to work with you.

System Applications

  • Power Pack specializes in designing and building packaging systems for both integrators and end-users within a wide variety of industry settings.
  • Applicable products being sorted, packed, and prepped for shipment or storage include a wide range of goods from foods and pharmaceuticals to machinery parts and appliances.
  • Power Pack provides your industry with a distinct advantage by integrating automation and robotics into each system to streamline each stage of your packaging process while maximizing your overall production output.

System Benefits

  • Power Pack brings a wealth of knowledge to the table that was formed over three generations of experience in the business. By allowing our engineers to focus entirely on designing the packaging system for your precise needs, this gives you as the integrator or customer the ability to consider how to best focus on the robotics and controls portion of the project.
  • After the design is finalized to your satisfaction, the entire system with all of its conveyors and other components will be carefully constructed. Before shipment to your facility, the completed system is given a thorough test run in Power Pack’s factory. Customers are welcome to visit the factory to observe the process or are provided with video footage to demonstrate the final results.
  • Every conveyor ships fully assembled to your facility, which greatly eliminates the need for you as the customer to exert time, energy, and cost into completing the assembly of the entire system on your own.

Systems Solutions

  • When faced with shipping and handling challenges, a packaging system creates the ability for an assembly line to transport and prepare large volumes of products in a rapid and efficient manner.
  • Additionally, the entire warehousing process may be streamlined through the use of robotic arms and automation in such a way that industry production is boosted while costs are simultaneously brought down.
  • For commercial packagers that deal with large and bulky products, a Power Pack packaging system effectively eliminates any safety concerns that a manual process would have by protecting workers from unnecessary physical strain.

Talk to an Engineer

  • Power Pack’s team of engineers is dedicated to closely collaborating with you so to design the system with the specific operational requirements necessary to achieve optimized production, decreased downtime, and increased worker safety within your industrialized setting.
  • When discussing your needs with a representative, every element of your packaging process will be carefully taken into consideration, including the type, application, weight, and volume of material regularly processed. In addition, the specific plant atmosphere and temperature requirements will also be evaluated so to guarantee that our engineers are able to determine what options and features are right for you.


PPC Case Study

Packaging Industry

Power Pack worked with a large privately-owned packaging company to design and properly integrate a system that would safely and efficiently move 55-gallon steel drums through their newly acquired industrial ovens during a painting and curing process.
PPC Case Study

National Distribution Facility

Power Pack worked with a robotics integrator to design an automated and streamlined system to properly sort packaging and junk mail for the US Postal Service and free up manual workers for other tasks.

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