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Efficiently handle your extremely heavy loads with a conveyor system that guarantees optimal performance and comes with enhanced safety factors.
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Machinery & Heavy Equipment Industries

Manufacturers that produce machinery and heavy equipment have a number of unique needs that must be met, including the ability to move large frames and the consideration of enhanced safety factors due to abrasive airborne dust. Power Pack brings years of expertise to the table so to address every single one of your challenges with carefully designed conveyors and tailored components that will fit your commercial setting.

Industry Applications

Every Power Pack conveyor that is created for the machinery and heavy equipment industry is built with specifications in mind to carry extremely heavy loads with optimal performance. Extra wide conveyors transport the massive equipment to their required destination while each system is equipped with live shaft rollers using pillow block or flange mounted bearings for an even heavier load. In addition, each conveyor or system is guaranteed to come with enhanced safety factors so to provide you and your laborers with peace of mind while continuing to fulfilling demand.

Industry Benefits

Power Pack has decades of experience within the heavy machinery industry, regularly working with leading commercialized equipment manufacturers to design and produce heavy-duty belts, durable conveyor parts, and robust systems to perfectly meet their individual needs.
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Manufacturing and Assembly Line
Machinery & Heavy Equipment

Industry Solutions

Due to this industry often facing a unique set of challenges when compared to other commercial settings, Power Pack is equipped to offer specific solutions based on careful evaluation of the following specifications:

  • Buffer accommodations
  • Conveyor equipment design and conveying ability
  • Cost and value
  • Design rate and takt time
  • Material delivery to the line
  • Physical layout and building constraints
  • Service factor of the conveyor equipment

Conveyors Related to This Industry

  • Chain-Driven Live Roller Belt Conveyor: The CDLR is intended to move many different types of heavy products including bulky machinery, filled drums, loaded pallets, and more, all while maintaining a consistent rate of speed over a long distance. Designed to benefit a wide spectrum of industries from automotive and appliances to order fulfillment and distribution, every conveyor is carefully constructed out of durable materials to successfully handle your toughest jobs.
  • Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor: This conveyor has a rugged, heavy-duty design and is built for long-term, low-maintenance operation so to minimize downtime within the most demanding of conditions. This conveyor type is well-suited to operate at low to moderate speeds within industries that handle scrap metals, oil-coated parts, stampings, forgings, fasteners, castings, and abrasive materials.
  • Slat Conveyor: This conveyor uses a motorized chain-driven loop of slats to move product from one end to another. The chain metal is engineered in such a way that it can be used in hazardous and high-temperature environments, while still providing a smooth carrying surface for heavy products, impact loading, and mounting fixtures. The slat conveyor is typically used in appliance and machinery assembly lines because of its durability and flexibility when transporting, hot, and hazardous industrial material.
  • Telescoping Conveyor: The telescoping or extendable conveyor consists of an extractable boom that lengthens the belt-carrying surface to reach further into a machine or trailer in a safer, quicker, and more cost-effective way. By allowing for faster and more ergonomic loading and unloading of goods, this conveyor makes a world of difference at busy shipping and receiving operations within a variety of industries where trailers are regularly used.
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Using Power Pack Conveyors in our automated systems have brought our customers great success.

Dave F.

Project Manager, Integrator

Case Study

Consumer Goods

Power Pack worked with an industrial systems integrator and a large consumer appliances company end user to fully update their manual, antiquated, and inefficient production process by improving the entire design of their extensive and complex assembly line.
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Plastic Injection Molding

Power Pack focused on designing and building an automation solution for a systems integrator by creating a floor-to-ceiling production within the facility’s existing footprint to move 30-pound boxes filled with plastic parts to a loading area.
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Power Pack’s engineers are dedicated to taking every facet of your key specifications into consideration before recommending the best conveyor, system, and component options for your facility. Each step of the way, their goal will be to provide the most efficient, timely, and cost-effective conveyors to move your machinery and heavy equipment out the door for the consumer.

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