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Industry-Leading Solutions for OEMs

Power Pack is dedicated to designing conveyors by using high quality materials, modern fabrication equipment, and excellent craftsmanship. As a result, OEMs throughout the country trust Power Pack to develop a wide range of custom conveyor solutions for their manufacturing processes and final system offerings. The team at Power Pack works directly with the OEM client during each phase of the project, from creating the initial design all the way to testing the end product.

Partnering with Power Pack

With over 90 years of experience in the business, Power Pack is dedicated to helping OEMs acquire the conveyors, systems, components, accessories, and repair parts to meet their industry needs. In every step of the process, our representatives are committed to reviewing all of the variables and specifications within your particular facility and making a recommendation on a model that you need to get the job done.

Common Industries for OEMs

OEMs are found within a broad range of industries and deal with number types of applications. Some of the popular services that Power Pack provides for OEMs within specific industries include creating solutions for automotive parts, governmental projects, military equipment, industrial machinery, and construction materials.
System Integrators

Replacement Parts for OEMs

OEMs regularly require a variety of parts to replace worn or damaged sections of a conveyor or entire system. Power Pack offers an easy process by helping you find the replacement item that you need to continue operating. Some of our standard parts include belts or sections of fabric or rubber belts, pulleys, bearings, rollers, chains, and safety devices like guards and sensors. To order a part, we welcome you to contact us with the model number and other important details.

Applicable Industries



Since Henry Ford’s development of the assembly line, the automotive industry has made incredible developments in technology, automation, and mass production. Power Pack fully understands your needs to meet constant demand and has the manufacturing expertise to craft the perfectly dependable and versatile conveyors into your production to help you get the job done.
Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods and Appliances

Industries that handle the manufacturing of consumer goods and appliances require the use of heavy-duty conveyors that are specifically designed according to the precise application, product type and weight, temperature range, and plant atmosphere. Power Pack is dedicated to working directly with all of the variables within your commercial setting to deliver the product that accurately fits your demands.
Material Handling

Material Handling

The material handling industry most commonly uses pallets to accumulate, transport, and distribute goods in a safe and efficient manner to specific locations. Power Pack’s systems provide an ideal combination of conveyors and stackers/dispensers in order to streamline the entry, dispatch, and handling processes for each load.
Robotics automation

Robotics & Automation

As the world increasingly becomes more technologically advanced, the robotics and automation industries are in high demand for conveyors that deliver a more streamlined, efficient operation that is both highly accurate and also offers a strong return on investment. Power Pack is devoted to working with robotic integrators to keep pace with conveyor solutions while remaining consistently focused on providing excellent service to all involved industries.

WHY choose Power Pack as your OEM partner

Excellent Product Engineering

  • Power Pack offers a broad range of design and engineering support and guarantees that you receive direct access to our experienced team. From custom conveyor systems to replacement rollers and components, we will work closely with you to ensure that you have the right products for your precise application.
  • Our experienced staff are committed to guiding you through the process of selecting and designing the solution that is right for you. Our dedicated sales professionals take pride in making sure our OEM customers get what they need, the way they need it, and by the time they need it.

Proven Industry Leaders

  • Power Pack has developed a reputation for helping OEMs increase productivity, quality, and competitiveness within their industry. Manufacturers and material handing companies across the nation work with Power Pack to develop and install the conveyor systems required to keep their facilities operating consistently and efficiently.
  • We also specialize in providing stress-free quotes and a streamlined in-house manufacturing process for each of our OEM partners. Power Pack has been leading the industry in turnaround, working every step of the way with speed and efficiency and having the end goal in mind to help you improve your own efficiency and minimize downtime for your application.

High Quality Craftsmanship

  • Power Pack’s conveyor systems are built with the highest quality material to specification, fully meeting the needs of each OEM customer. Each product, accessory, and technology is designed to address the particular challenges that you face and help you exceed your production requirements and long-term operational goals.
  • In reviewing our full product line of conveyors, components, and systems, you will discover how many unique design ideas we have accumulated over the years. Each option that you select will provide you with the performance that you need and the dependability of services step-by-step. Our offerings typically come with our two-year warranty that can be viewed.

Integrated Automation Systems

  • Automating industry since 1929, Power Pack is committed to applying decades of manufacturing experience to offer integrated solutions that come with the latest hardware and software technologies, unique material handling designs, and “out-of-the-box” thinking.
  • Our knowledgeable engineering team guarantees to high-quality, heavy-duty, and low-maintenance conveyors with customized product offerings to meet the most demanding of operations. Regardless of the industry, we are committed to working closely with you to design and fabricate ergonomic, user-friendly conveyor systems that come with the latest line of robotics and automation, built to increase productivity and maximize operator safety.

Tools for OEMs

Our experienced staff at Power Pack are committed to helping you determine what options are best for your manufacturing facility. We welcome you to contact us today and experience for yourself what it means for you as a customer to have your needs fulfilled in the way that you need it to maximize your productivity and efficiency.


PPC Case Study

Construction & Building Supplies

Power Pack’s engineers helped a multi-billion-dollar international company overcome its inability to keep pace with high product demand by constructing a system to speed up production and fully meet the desired cycle time.
PPC Case Study

Packaging Industry

Power Pack worked with a large privately-owned packaging company to design and properly integrate a system that would safely and efficiently move 55-gallon steel drums through their newly acquired industrial ovens during a painting and curing process.

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