Automated loading and unloading of industrial goods to increase productivity and turnaround delivery times.
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Trailer System

Power Pack’s trailer system uses various conveyor types that are built directly into a trailer in order to automatically load and unload a complete shipment of industrial goods in a very fast and efficient manner. In many cases, palletized or other heavy-duty loads are shipped or received with Just-In-Time deliveries, thus increasing the overall productivity and turnaround times for your business.

System Applications

  • Trailer systems ordinarily handle palletized loads for a variety of industries but also can rapidly convey other shipments including appliances, machinery, automotive parts, and entire vehicles.
  • Depending upon the specific usage, Power Pack’s trailer systems are carefully designed and tailored to fit your exact industry setting. Every system is guaranteed to provide fast and efficient loading and unloading of components to reduce manufacturing and inventory costs while fully meeting market demands.

Talk to an Engineer

  • Power Pack’s team of engineers is dedicated to closely collaborating with you so to design the system with the specific operational requirements necessary to achieve optimized production, decreased downtime, and increased worker safety within your industrialized setting.
  • When discussing your trailer system needs with a representative, every element of your delivery process will be carefully taken into consideration so to guarantee that our engineers are able to determine what conveyor options and additional features are right for you.

Systems Solutions

  • When faced with shipping and delivery challenges due to time constraints or labor shortages, industries that use Power Pack’s trailer system can rest assured that the automated design will streamline your entire process by allowing loading and unloading to move smoothly and efficiently with minimal effort from an operator.
  • In consideration of the many ongoing technological changes within the industry, commercial settings that incorporate trailer systems into their everyday operations will have a clear advantage in already becoming familiar and comfortable with automation and robotics. Also, as future adjustments happen, existing trailer systems that are already computerized may be easily updated to meet new industry standards.
  • For shipping and delivery industries that regularly deal with large and bulky loads, a Power Pack trailer system effectively eliminates any safety concerns for the labor force or other machinery that might still exist in a manual process or with the use of forklifts.

System Benefits

  • When designing a trailer system, Power Pack’s engineer take all aspects of the manufacturing and delivery needs into consideration so to equip the system with every necessary and available function. For example, trailer systems may be operated manually or semi-automatically and each has the capability of including interacting components within an entirely computerized system.
  • Due to Power Pack’s trailer system having very fast loading or unloading times, the overall delivery performance of the industry will be increased and satisfaction of the customer will be greatly improved.
  • After the trailer system is successfully designed to your full satisfaction, the entire system with all of its conveyors and other components will be carefully constructed. Before shipment to your facility, the completed system is given a thorough test run in Power Pack’s factory. Customers are welcome to visit and observe the process or are provided with video footage to review the final results.


PPC Case Study

Consumer Goods

Power Pack worked with an industrial systems integrator and a large consumer appliances company end user to fully update their manual, antiquated, and inefficient production process by improving the entire design of their extensive and complex assembly line.
PPC Case Study

Full-Service IBC Management

Power Pack assisted a mid-sized industrial company that provided full-service intermediate bulk container (IBC) management by replacing their manual process with an ergonomically friendly and safety-oriented automated IBC system that cleaned the chemical residue out of tubs so that they could be reused.

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