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Discover the system that will streamline your ability to accumulate, transport, and distribute loaded pallets and other heavy deliveries.
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Material Handling Industry

The material handling industry most commonly uses pallets to accumulate, transport, and distribute goods in a safe and efficient manner to specific locations. Power Pack’s systems provide an ideal combination of conveyors and stackers/dispensers in order to streamline the entry, dispatch, and handling processes for each load.

Industry Applications

  • Power Pack’s pallet conveyors have a wide range of applications and are most often positioned low to the ground in order to most safely and efficiently move large, heavy, and sometimes unwieldy loads within the facility.
  • Each system can allow for zero pressure accumulation features when such is necessary for the particular usage and may either be powered or unpowered to offer seamless integration with ancillary pallet-handling equipment, including robotic palletizers, de-palletizers, turn-tables, stretch wrappers, transfers, unit load ASRS, pallet dispensers, and more.

Industry Benefits

  • Power Pack’s material handling systems are carefully streamlined and optimized so to safely and efficiently move heavy loads in record time to meet your industry demands.
  • The pallet conveyor is optimized to expertly handle operations within manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution industries and, when used to its fullest potential, thereby lowers the overall cost of operations.
Material Handling
Material Handling
Front Axle

Industry Solutions

  • In an environment where every detail matters, Power Pack’s pallet handling conveyors are designed to securely and efficiently move heavy-duty loads across belts, chains, or rollers in record time.
  • As an added measure of protection, photoelectric sensors, or photo eyes, monitor the AC and DC motors within the zone accumulation area in order to prevent damage from occurring to your moving product and to also prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

Conveyors Related to This Industry

  • Belt-Driven Live Roller: This conveyor, also known as a BDLR, is a type of belt conveyor that is very versatile due to its capability of accumulating, diverting, merging, and transporting items of various shapes, sizes, and weights. Ordinarily used in applications for warehousing, distribution, and order fulfillment, our engineers are ready to construct the model that works best for you.
  • Chain-Driven Live Roller Conveyor: The CDLR is intended to move many different types of heavy products including bulky machinery, filled drums, loaded pallets, and more, all while maintaining a consistent rate of speed over a long distance. Designed to benefit a wide spectrum of industries from automotive and appliances to order fulfillment and distribution, every conveyor is carefully constructed out of durable materials to successfully handle your toughest jobs./li>
  • Floor-to-Floor Conveyor: Power Pack manufactures a floor-to-floor conveyor as a subset of belt conveyors for industries who need to transport products between varying elevations within a building. Particularly optimal for an incline up to 30 degrees, floor-to-floor conveyors are applicable for many different commercial settings, including the handling of parts and assembly lines.
  • Pallet Stacker / Dispenser: Power Pack’s pallet stacker and de-stacker conveyor provides an automatic method of accumulating or dispensing empty pallets within a conveyor system. Built for high durability and years of use, this conveyor is designed for continuous use and, in addition to handling pallets, has the ability to manage racks, containers, and tires for any industry where such items are regularly utilized.
Power Pack Conveyor

Power Pack Conveyors always brings the experience and expertise from their whole team to every project. The conveyors we receive always exceed our expectations of quality and reliability.

Eric L.

Application Engineer, Integrator

Case Study

Packaging Industry

Power Pack worked with a large privately-owned packaging company to design and properly integrate a system that would safely and efficiently move 55-gallon steel drums through their newly acquired industrial ovens during a painting and curing process.
Power Pack Conveyor

National Distribution Facility

Power Pack worked with a robotics integrator to design an automated and streamlined system to properly sort packaging and junk mail for the US Postal Service and free up manual workers for other tasks.
Power Pack Conveyor


While Power Pack’s engineers are designing the conveyors that will work best for your industry, they take every detail into consideration in order to guarantee that the efficiency of your new pallet system includes improving warehouse flow, decreasing traffic, minimizing manual labor, increasing load handling, and reducing product damage.

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