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Pioneering excellence since 1929, we take pride in our legacy of conveyor design, quality & service.

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About Us

Since 1929, Power Pack Conveyor Company has been leading the industry in designing, engineering, manufacturing, installing, and servicing conveyors systems. We are fully dedicated to offering direct access to technical support, demonstrating a high quality of craftmanship, and delivering unrivaled industry lead times. With over 90 years of continuous service, we provide a wide range of material handling solutions to include a variety of conveyors, components, and turnkey systems that are fully equipped with the latest technology and software. We are committed to meeting each of our customers’ expectations and welcome you to contact us today.
Power Pack Conveyor Company

Power Pack Conveyor is a proud member of the following trade association.

Power Pack is a proud member of the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA), a 501(c)6 non-profit trade organization that is committed to assisting all material handling industry subgroups. In looking to MHEDA as a trusted affiliate, we gain many benefits from this association, including business resources, leadership training, networking opportunities, benchmarking data, career development tools, and insights on the most recent market trends. Each of these items further serves to assist us in the management of our industry and the dedicated care of our workers.

What Makes Us Different?

Advancements in Technology

  • Automating industry since 1929, Power Pack builds high quality, heavy duty, and low maintenance conveyor systems for both private and commercial settings.
  • From turnkey conveyors to trailer systems, Power Pack applies decades of manufacturing experience for a variety of industries using the latest technology and software.
  • Our knowledgeable engineering team leads with experience and design expertise, guaranteed to provide diverse conveyor solutions with customized product offerings to meet the most demanding of operations.

Direct Access to Technical Support

  • Power Pack offers a broad range of technical support and guarantees that you receive direct access to our experienced engineering and design team. From custom conveyor systems to replacement rollers and components, we will work closely with you to ensure that you have the right products for your precise application.
  • Our experienced staff are committed to guiding you through the process of selecting the many options that are available to help ensure your success within the industry. Furthermore, our dedicated sales professionals take pride in making sure our customers get what they need, the way they need it, and by the time they need it.

In-House Manufacturing

  • Power Pack offers in-house manufacturing of material handling products, accessories, and technologies. Each element is designed to meet specific transportation needs while meeting your production requirements and long-term operational goals.
  • In reviewing our full product line of conveyors, components, and systems, you will discover how many unique design ideas we have accumulated over the years. Each option that you select will provide the performance that you need and the dependability of services step-by-step. Our offerings also typically come with our two-year warranty.

Unparalleled Lead Times

  • Power Pack leads the industry in turnaround, working with our customers every step of the way from conceptual design to a completed system that is ready for delivery. We specialize in providing stress-free quotes and a streamlined creation process with engineered design expertise and in-house manufacturing.
  • Overall, we work to make each process move with speed and efficiency to your ultimate satisfaction. The end goal is to help companies choose the right conveyor system that improves their own efficiency and minimizes downtime for the specified application.

Our History

Founded in 1929 by Earl Henry Ensinger as a basic conveyor repair company that served coal equipment in Collinwood, Ohio, Power Pack Conveyor Company swiftly grew and developed over the decades to serve an ever-growing number of satisfied customers. Now led by third-generation President Kevin Ensinger and overseeing operations at a 48,000 square-foot factory in Willoughby, Power Pack continues to expand and increase business initiatives with the same model of excellence that started out nearly 100 years ago.
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