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Moves and organizes waste material for better industrial production and clean manufacturing area.
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Scrap Handling System

The scrap handling system moves and organizes waste product through your particular commercial setting in order to keep the manufacturing area clean and free of any accumulating debris. Whether you are in the recycling, metalworking, manufacturing, waste handling, or other type of industry, Power Pack guarantees to work closely with your business to design and create the conveyors and accessories that are the best fit for your operations.

System Applications

  • During the manufacturing process, a scrap handling system is an excellent way to handle any type of unused product and transfer it out of the area, whether it be metal, paper, wood, or plastic waste.
  • In other settings that primarily deal with scrap metal, glass, plastic, metal, and paper, such as within the recycling industry, Power Pack’s scrap handling system is ideal for processing, sorting, and redirecting such products in a streamlined fashion.

System Benefits

  • Power Pack’s design smoothly and efficiently moves all types of scraps through an assembly line by the use of various types of conveyors, sorters, and robotic equipment so to increase the productivity and effectiveness of your industry.
  • Different features in the overall system allow for increased automated control and less manual labor, which increases worker safety and efficiency while also allowing your workforce to focus on other critical areas within your plant.
  • After the design is completed to your satisfaction, the entire system with all of its conveyors and other components will be carefully constructed. Before shipment to your facility, the system is given a thorough test run in Power Pack’s factory. Customers are welcome to visit the factory to observe the process or are provided with video footage to review the final results.

Systems Solutions

  • Depending upon the specific needs of your industry and the challenges that you face, Power Pack’s scrap handling system is guaranteed to provide you the efficient, reliable, and cost-effective results that will help you achieve your goals.
  • In settings that are increasingly concerned with increasing safety measures and creating environmental awareness, the automated scrap handling system provides peace of mind for your business by minimizing the necessity for manual laborers to be exposed to any potentially hazardous materials.

Talk to an Engineer

  • Power Pack’s engineers are dedicated to closely collaborating with you so to design the scrap handling system that include specific operational requirements necessary to achieve optimized production, decreased downtime, and increased worker safety within your industrialized setting.
  • When discussing your needs with a representative, every element of your manufacturing process will be carefully taken into consideration, including the type, application, weight, and volume of scraps that must be processed. In addition, the specific plant atmosphere and temperature requirements will also be evaluated so that our engineers are able to determine what options and features are right for you.


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