Address your most challenging sorting and separating tasks with an easy-to-maintain, highly durable, and energy-efficient system that keeps your industry ahead of the curve.
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Recycling Industry

The recycling industry focuses on sorting and separating mixed materials in a system of endless conveyor belt options. Each system must be unique but also versatile, as its specifications are highly dependent upon the items that are being handled. Power Pack’s offers numerous options to assist your industry with the durable, easily maintainable, and energy-efficient conveyor that is right for you.

Industry Applications

  • Conveyor systems within the recycling industry are typically used to handle mixed products and sort or separate them into designated categories. Some of the most commonly sorted materials include plastics, glass, scrap metal, papers, and electrical waste.

Industry Benefits

  • The conveyors used in the recycling sorting system come equipped with sensors in order to accurately distinguish between the different types of materials that are being sorted and separate them according to their material, weight, color, and shape.
  • Each conveyor is highly versatile to fit the overall need and can easily be adapted to address the specific types of items that must be sorted.
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Industry Solutions

  • In order to handle the challenge of proper organization, the entire design of the recycling conveyor allows for mixed materials to be divided into common or similar product areas before being reintroduced back into the production cycle for further processing.
  • This type of systems is also designed to be streamlined and easily operated in order to meet production demand, as it is able to sort volumes of any size either manually or through the use of automation technologies.

Conveyors Related to This Industry

  • Corrugated Belt Conveyor: Power Pack’s corrugated belt conveyor is a kind of belt conveyor and comes with a fabric belt that is corrugated, or grooved, along both edges in order to form a pocket that fully contains the transported materials. Typically used in applications to handle bulk items, small parts, and chemicals, the corrugated belt design successfully prevents your valuable product from falling off of the conveyor.
  • Horizontal Belt Conveyor: Power Pack’s horizontal belt conveyor is a standard model used to transport a variety of items on a flat and continuous plane. Typically used to transport goods within a production area, it is highly versatile and can be used in both large and small spaces. This conveyor is an ideal choice for many commercial operations because of its affordability and flexibility for easy installation, little maintenance, and smooth-running operation.
  • Magnetic Belt Conveyor: The magnetic belt conveyor has a simple and straightforward design, which makes it one of the most widely used types in the overall industry. Operating through the use of strategically-placed electromagnets, the magnetic belt conveyor is especially ideal when moving metal items for recycling, stampings, and metal-scrap applications.
  • Troughing Idler Conveyor: This conveyor has an angled belt design operating on top of idling rollers in order to provide a trough for the belt to carry bulk materials. This conveyor type is best suited for transporting abrasive materials in loose or bulk form for a variety of packing, construction, and mining applications.
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Sales Application Engineer, Integrator

Case Study

Wastewater Treatment

Power Pack assisted a wastewater system engineering firm at a municipal treatment plant by designing a solution that removed the naturally-accumulating sludge from the inside of the plant during the desalination process.
Power Pack Conveyor

Full-Service IBC Management

Power Pack assisted a mid-sized industrial company that provided full-service intermediate bulk container (IBC) management by replacing their manual process with an ergonomically friendly and safety-oriented automated IBC system that cleaned the chemical residue out of tubs so that they could be reused.
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Power Pack’s recycling and sorting conveyors are designed for durability, easy maintenance, and energy efficiency, thus guaranteeing that the engineering team that works closely with you during the design phase will take all of your operation requirements into consideration in order to address your most challenging sorting tasks.

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