Pallet Stacker / Dispenser Conveyor

An automated method of stacking and dispensing pallets that is highly durable and versatile for continuous use.
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Pallet Stacker / Dispenser Conveyor

Power Pack’s pallet stacker and de-stacker conveyor provides an automatic method of stacking or dispensing empty pallets within a conveyor system. Built for high durability and years of use, this conveyor is designed for continuous use and, in addition to handling pallets, has the ability to manage racks, containers, and tires for any industry where such items are regularly utilized.

Selecting the Right Conveyor

  • The pallet stacker/dispenser is constructed of heavy plate, providing high durability for years of use. It uses forks or clamps to engage each item while an electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic lifting mechanism is used to raise or lower the entire stack. This conveyor type stacks pallets and other applicable products in a magazine form as they accumulate.
  • The pallet stacker conveyor is particularly helpful in minimizing the risk of back injuries and strain from manually loading or unloading pallets. The automation process also provides greater production efficiency and is primarily used to reduce the product footprint for storage.

Common Applications

  • Power Pack’s pallet handling conveyors have the ability to dispense or accumulate a variety of sizes and types of pallets, including both wooden and plastic pallets. With the primary function of releasing one product at a time via an exit conveyor, the stacker/dispenser is able to handle racks, containers, tires, and other similar items as well.
  • This conveyor is designed for continuous use and built for industrial-strength use, making it an ideal option for any industry that regularly utilizes pallets and desires to minimize the footprint for storage.
Pallet Stacker
Pallet Stacker
Pallet Stacker

Your Trusted Partner for Conveyor Excellence

  • During the design phase, Power Pack engineers take the specific operation requirements into consideration, such as the material being conveyed, the height and weight details, the distance the product must travel, and the exact speed needed.
  • When working with an engineer, you have the option to add supplementary mechanisms to provide you and your labor force peace of mind when moving certain materials. In addition, every conveyor can also be further tailored to guarantee that any particular transport challenges that you may face are effectively handled.
  • Power Pack's conveyor solutions include an array of extra features that can be carefully tailored to meet the unique demands of your industry application. Our commitment to flexibility and customization ensures that each of our products aligns seamlessly with your operational needs, enhancing your overall efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of Using Conveyors

  • This conveyor is primarily beneficial for providing a streamlined process for handling pallets in warehouses or distribution centers. It enhances efficiency and reduces the manual labor involved in pallet handling.
  • Every conveyor reduces the time it takes for your facility to transport products and frees up your labor force to focus on more critical tasks.
  • Employing the use of a Power-Pack conveyor in your facility ensures that the flow of materials moves quickly and efficiently, helping your scheduled output remain consistent to benefit your entire operation.

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Connecting with an Engineer

  • Power Pack’s pallet stacker/dispenser conveyors are typically built to order based on your exact specifications, designed for rigorous and continuous use, and made out of industrial strength materials in order to fully serve your industry requirements.
  • As the pallet conveyor has a wide range of design possibilities, Power Pack’s engineering team are prepared to take your application plans into consideration during each phase of the building process.

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Power Pack Conveyor

We’ve had very good relations with Power Pack through the years. They have good attention to detail with their engineering and their lead time & deliveries have exceeded our expectations. In general, it’s been good working with them.

Dave R.

President, Manufacturer’s Rep

The Power Pack Advantage

  • Every conveyor that Power Pack builds is designed to specification and completed with your particular operation in mind. With a variety of standard models and additional features to choose from, our engineers are happy to work with you to create the system that fully meets the needs of your business.
  • Construction is completed in the USA with long-term use in mind, saving you time and material overall. Every system is built to spec, fitted with standard safety features, and covered by Power Pack’s two-year warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Case Study

Construction & Building Supplies

Power Pack’s engineers helped a multi-billion-dollar international company overcome its inability to keep pace with high product demand by constructing a system to speed up production and fully meet the desired cycle time.
Power Pack Conveyor

Plastic Injection Molding

Power Pack focused on designing and building an automation solution for a systems integrator by creating a floor-to-ceiling production within the facility’s existing footprint to move 30-pound boxes filled with plastic parts to a loading area.
Power Pack Conveyor

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