From Henry Ford developing the assembly line to today’s use of conveyor and towline technology, industrialization and mass production are constructed around the conveyor’s dependability and versatility. Automotive conveyors have a wide range of potential uses including: processing, indexing, welding, vision integration, and moving heavy parts to designated locations.

  • Slat conveyor assembly lines are perfect for moving large engines, cars, trucks, and buses through the assembly process. This design allows for uninhibited access for assembly line workers. 
  • Overhead conveyors and floor conveyors can help improve production rates in automotive facilities and achieve required TAKT times, a manufacturing term used to describe the required product assembly time that is needed to match the demand. 
  • Automating manufacturing and finishing processes is essential to operations as the conveyor systems can help eliminate activities that do not add value to the product, service, and process by reducing waste and improving operations and workflow.

Power Pack develops conveyor systems with the options, components, and accessories designed to automate the automotive assembly processes. 

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