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Automotive Industry

Since Henry Ford’s development of the assembly line, the automotive industry has made incredible developments in technology, automation, and mass production. Power Pack fully understands your needs to meet constant demand and has the manufacturing expertise to craft the perfectly dependable and versatile conveyors into your production to help you get the job done.

Industry Applications

  • Automotive conveyors have a wide range of potential uses and applications, including processing, indexing, welding, vision integration, and moving heavy parts to designated locations.
  • Power Pack’s guarantee is to address every aspect of your operations by providing a recommendation for a conveyor that will perfectly fit your needs—from moving heavy, hazardous, and high-temperature material through your assembly lines to onloading/offloading finished parts onto a trailer for shipping and delivery.

Industry Benefits

  • Every conveyor type offers its unique benefit to your industry. For example, the slat conveyor is perfect for assembly lines that move large engines, cars, trucks, and buses through the production process, particularly allowing for uninhibited access by the labor force and operators.
  • In today’s world, automating the manufacturing and finishing processes is more essential to operations than ever. Power Pack’s conveyor systems can help eliminate activities that do not add value to your product, service, and process by reducing waste and improving overall operations and encouraging a steady workflow.
Power Pack Conveyor

Industry Solutions

  • From Henry Ford’s creation of the assembly line all the way to today’s use of automation and technology, the industrialization and mass production processes are heavily reliant upon each conveyor’s dependability and versatility. Power Pack guarantees to work with you to address any current challenges that you are facing and provide the equipment needed for you to succeed within the industry.
  • In a world where time is everything, Power Pack’s overhead and floor conveyor models can help improve production rates within your facility and achieve the required takt time, or the total duration of product assembly that is required to match your ongoing demand.

Conveyors Related to This Industry

  • Chain-Driven Live Roller Conveyor: The CDLR is intended to move many different types of heavy products including bulky machinery, filled drums, loaded pallets, and more, all while maintaining a consistent rate of speed over a long distance. Designed to benefit a wide spectrum of industries from automotive and appliances to order fulfillment and distribution, every conveyor is carefully constructed out of durable materials to successfully handle your toughest jobs.
  • Intralox Belt Conveyor: By partnering with Intralox as the leading manufacturer of plastic modular belts since 1971, Power Pack offers a variety of options to fit the exact needs of your business. Common applications include utilizing this belt type within the automotive, food, logistics, packaging, and rubber industries in order to create an all-around easy to clean, maintain, and repair experience.
  • Slat Conveyor: Power Pack’s slat conveyor uses a motorized chain-driven loop of slats to move product from one end to another. The chain metal is engineered in such a way that it can be used in hazardous and high-temperature environments, while still providing a smooth carrying surface for heavy products, impact loading, and mounting fixtures. The slat conveyor is typically used in appliance and machinery assembly lines because of its durability and flexibility when transporting wet, hot, and hazardous industrial material.
  • Trailer Conveyor Systems: The trailer conveyor is designed and built as part of a system to automatically load and unload an entire trailer within a speedy timeframe, even as fast as sixty seconds. Typically used for Just-In-Time delivery situations, this conveyor type comes with a variety of options for controls and styles depending upon your business’s exact needs. It is commonly used within the automotive industry and other manufacturing applications where it is necessary to quickly convey small to large components on and off a trailer.
Power Pack Conveyor

Power Pack offers high quality conveyors. At very competitive pricing. They delivery on time and don’t try to change pricing before delivery. The whole staff is great to work with and make things easy.

Mike Q.

Sales Application Engineer, Integrator

Case Study

Plastic Injection Molding

Power Pack focused on designing and building an automation solution for a systems integrator by creating a floor-to-ceiling production within the facility’s existing footprint to move 30-pound boxes filled with plastic parts to a loading area.
Power Pack Conveyor

Packaging Industry

Power Pack worked with a large privately-owned packaging company to design and properly integrate a system that would safely and efficiently move 55-gallon steel drums through their newly acquired industrial ovens during a painting and curing process.
Power Pack Conveyor


For any automotive setting that requires the use of conveyor and towline technology, Power Pack engineers are committed to working with you to ensure that you are providing with the right equipment that is tailored to demonstrate the perfect balance between durability, versatility, and dependability for your setting.

Every conveyor and related system comes with a variety of options for components and accessories that are designed to automate the automotive assembly process according to your specifications.

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