Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor

A very versatile and reliable model for washing, drying, heating, cooling, and spraying applications at extreme temperatures.
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Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor

The wire mesh belt conveyor is a very versatile model that is well-suited for applications that involve washing, drying, heating, cooling, and spraying products at either very hot or very cold temperatures. The construction of each conveyor is dependent upon the required usage within the industry that it is crafted for. Due to its endurance, reliability, and low-maintenance qualities, the wire mesh belt conveyor is an optimal choice for many commercial settings.

Selecting the Right Conveyor

  • The wire mesh belt conveyor comes in a standard model as well as two varieties—the flat wire mesh conveyor and the woven wire mesh conveyor. Each conveyor is constructed to allow for full air circulation and excellent fluid drainage to best serve the operator.
  • All wire mesh belt conveyors are built with a variety of wire types, styles, and materials so that they withstand extremely high and low temperatures, making them both easy to clean.

Common Applications

  • Power Pack’s wire mesh belts are created for endurance, reliability, and reduced maintenance, which make these conveyors optimal for virtually every applicaton that requires washing, drying, heating, and cooling of the transported product.
  • Depending upon the wire type and style, every conveyor can be constructed to fit the exact industry needs. For example, the features of a stainless-steel wire mesh belt conveyor make it a perfect choice for the processing of food, pharmaceuticals, chemical, and corrosive products.

Benefits of Using Conveyors

  • The wire mesh belt conveyor is beneficial because of its ability to transport small items that may otherwise fall through the gaps in other conveyor types. It expertly serves the food processing and other industries where product sanitation is crucial.
  • Every conveyor reduces the time it takes for your facility to transport products and frees up your labor force to focus on more critical tasks.

Your Trusted Partner for Conveyor Excellence

  • During the design phase, Power Pack engineers take the specific operation requirements into consideration, such as the material being conveyed, the height and weight details, the distance the product must travel, and the exact speed needed.
  • When working with an engineer, you have the option to add supplementary mechanisms to provide you and your labor force peace of mind when moving certain materials. In addition, every conveyor can also be further tailored to guarantee that any particular transport challenges that you may face are effectively handled.
  • Power Pack's conveyor solutions include an array of extra features that can be carefully tailored to meet the unique demands of your industry application. Our commitment to flexibility and customization ensures that each of our products aligns seamlessly with your operational needs, enhancing your overall efficiency and productivity.

The Power Pack Advantage

  • Every conveyor that Power Pack builds is designed to specification and completed with your particular operation in mind. With a variety of standard models and additional features to choose from, our engineers are happy to work with you to create the system that fully meets the needs of your business.
  • Construction is completed in the USA with long-term use in mind, saving you time and material overall. Every system is built to spec, fitted with standard safety features, and covered by Power Pack’s two-year warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction.
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In working with you, Power Pack engineers will determine the best wire mesh belt conveyor that fits your manufacturing and distribution needs. Learn more about the two different subtypes below:
Flat Wire Mesh Conveyor

Flat Wire Mesh Conveyor

The flat wire mesh conveyor offers a flat conveying surface with a maximum open area for free air flow and water drainage. Manufactured to be easy to clean and highly sanitary, this conveyor type is ideal for industry settings that handle chemicals, agricultural goods, harvesting, and food production.
Woven Wire Mesh Conveyor

Woven Wire Mesh Conveyor

The woven wire mesh conveyor is designed by weaving together different styles of wire together, which creates openings in the belt to easily allow air or liquid to pass through. This conveyor type is ideal for conveying hot or oily parts or for transporting products that must experience cooling, washing, spraying, or drying within virtually every industry setting.

Case Study

Construction & Building Supplies

Power Pack’s engineers helped a multi-billion-dollar international company overcome its inability to keep pace with high product demand by constructing a system to speed up production and fully meet the desired cycle time.
Power Pack Conveyor

Commercial Construction Products

Power Pack worked with a large, multinational company that handled products within the equipment industry to solve an inefficient and unsafe method of moving loaded pallets by shifting three different packing areas within the factory to a single wrapping and loading area.
Power Pack Conveyor

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