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Power Pack brings decades of experience to commercialized industries and is committed to regularly working with you to design and produce the durable and robust equipment that perfectly meets your specifications. Every conveyor is fully equipped to operate individually or can be designed to work in conjunction with an integrated system, thus fulfilling your manufacturing and processing needs on every level for cost-saving, ergonomic, and efficient assembly.

Benefits of Working with Power Pack Conveyor Company

  • Power Pack’s conveyors and components are designed to be safe, efficient, durable, and reliable. Every demand that you face within your industry is carefully taken into consideration during the design process so to guarantee that you receive the optimal system for your facility.
  • By incorporating certain automated processes into your operations, the most tedious factors of product handling can be streamlined, significantly reducing the risk of basic human error and allowing your workforce to focus on other more critical tasks.
  • By providing both standard conveyor models and adaptable systems to fit the need of each industry, Power Pack demonstrates a versatility to address specific challenges within your setting so that your products are expertly handled and result in your complete satisfaction.

Talk to an Engineer

  • Power Pack’s design team is devoted to helping you with every part of the process, from the initial discussions and beginning of construction all the way to testing and delivery. During the early stages of the process, every detail of your operational focus is evaluated so that our engineers may create the system that allows your industry to operate in the most efficient, timely, and cost-effective way possible.
  • For systems requiring more advanced features and for conveyors that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our engineers will help you understand how to best operate your new products by walking you through the setting inputs and outputs for the specific operations for each pre-installed program.

Industries Served



Since Henry Ford’s development of the assembly line, the automotive industry has made incredible developments in technology, automation, and mass production. Power Pack fully understands your needs to meet constant demand and has the manufacturing expertise to craft the perfectly dependable and versatile conveyors into your production to help you get the job done.
Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods and Appliances

Industries that handle the manufacturing of consumer goods and appliances require the use of heavy-duty conveyors that are specifically designed according to the precise application, product type and weight, temperature range, and plant atmosphere. Power Pack is dedicated to working directly with all of the variables within your commercial setting to deliver the product that accurately fits your demands.

Forging & Foundry

These types of manufacturing typically operate within extreme temperature environments, making it challenging to handle materials correctly while guaranteeing the safety of all laborers present. Power Pack’s conveyors are expertly designed to match the precise industry settings and are a game-changer when increasing the functionality of automated processes and simultaneously reducing the risk of worktime injuries.
Manufacturing and Assembly Line

Machinery & Heavy Equipment

Industries that produce machinery and heavy equipment have a number of unique needs that must be met, including the ability to move large frames and incorporate enhanced safety factors due to abrasive airborne dust. Power Pack brings years of expertise to the table so to address every single one of your challenges with carefully designed conveyors and tailored components that will fit your commercial setting.
Material Handling

Material Handling

The material handling industry most commonly uses pallets to accumulate, transport, and distribute goods in a safe and efficient manner to specific locations. Power Pack’s systems provide an ideal combination of conveyors and stackers/dispensers in order to streamline the entry, dispatch, and handling processes for each load.
Metalwork & Stampings

Metalworking & Stamping

Within the metalwork and stamping industries, the ideal conveyor must adequately demonstrate a versatility and durability to fully face the challenges of rigorous conditions within a harsh environment. Power Pack’s conveyors provide an efficient industrial automation system to fully handle each step of the assembly process while also maintaining safety and flexibility for your entire operating workforce.
Robotics automation

Robotics & Automation

As the world increasingly becomes more technologically advanced, the robotics and automation industries are in high demand for conveyors that deliver a more streamlined, efficient operation that is both highly accurate and also offers a strong return on investment. Power Pack is devoted to working with robotic integrators to keep pace with conveyor solutions while remaining consistently focused on providing excellent service to all involved industries.


The recycling industry focuses on sorting and separating mixed materials in a system of endless conveyor belt options. Each system must be unique but also versatile, as its specifications are highly dependent upon the items that are being handled. Power Pack’s offers numerous options to assist your industry with the durable, easily maintainable, and energy efficient conveyor that is right for you.

Case Study

Commercial Construction Products

Power Pack worked with a large, multinational company that handled products within the equipment industry to solve an inefficient and unsafe method of moving loaded pallets by shifting three different packing areas within the factory to a single wrapping and loading area.
Power Pack Conveyor

Textile Industry

Power Pack designed a system for a privately-owned business with multiple nationwide locations that fully met the company’s desires to improve upon consistent cycle times and ergonomics while reducing the footprint of the overall operation.
Power Pack Conveyor

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