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Empowering Systems Integrators

Power Pack works closely with systems integrators to design turnkey systems that fully meet their industry needs and required specifications. Relying on decades of experience in manufacturing and material handling automation, Power Pack engineers especially offer support and expertise in the areas of robotics and automation. By partnering with Power Pack and trusting our engineers to handle the design phase, systems integrators are given the flexibility to focus more time on managing the production line project for their customers.

Contact an Engineer

In looking to manufacture a conveyor system that is carefully fitted for your industry, Power Pack is dedicated to working with you as a system integrator every step of the way to fulfill each one of your customer’s needs. Our engineers are prepared to begin designing the model that fits your specifications and equipping it with every component and feature that you require.

System Integrators

Partnering with Power Pack

Power Pack Conveyor Company brings over 90 years of experience in the industry to help system integrators incorporate innovative solutions and guarantee a high-quality, consistent, and efficient operation. Throughout every step in the process, our staff are committed to designing, engineering, manufacturing, installing, and servicing the conveyor system that meets every one of your specifications.

Considerations for the Integration Process

When working with a Power Pack engineer, there are many factors that go into the integration process from discussing the system requirements, industry challenges, and possible design features to testing the completed project to ensure that it fully meets spec and can be easily installed in the appropriate facility. Our representatives are meticulous in accounting for every detail, even down to the additional features that you may wish to install, such as sensors to detect speed and position of moving product and extra safety measures to protect the operator. Regardless of the industry that you as a system integrator specialize in and the precise design that you require, Power Pack is here to assist from start to finish.
System Integrators

Applicable Solutions for System Integrators

Manufacturing System

Manufacturing System

This system uses different kinds of conveyors, robotics, and specialized equipment to move products within a particular facility during each stage of the production process. Whether your industry is focused on large items like automotives and machinery or handles small materials like textiles and food products, Power Pack is committed to designing and building the precise system that works for you.

Packaging System

Power Pack designs and creates a packaging system that efficiently moves products through an assembly line by the use of various types of conveyors, sorters, and accessories so to increase the productivity and effectiveness of your industry. Whether you are in need of a standardized system that handles uniform packages or a finely tuned operation to convey a variety of items, our engineers are fully prepared to work with you.
Palletizing System

Palletizing System

This system is designed to safely and efficiently load, move, and redirect pallets and other contained loads on conveyors in preparation for shipping or storage. Depending upon the specific industry and application focus, a variety of conveyor types may be used to transport heavy shipments from one place to another within the facility so to increase productivity and reduce workplace injury.

Choosing Power Pack as a System Integrator Partner

Expertise in Meeting Specifications

Power Pack has developed a reputation for helping system integrators increase productivity, quality, and competitiveness within the industry by paying close attention to every design requirement. By offering a streamlined, stress-free process of manufacturing a system that meets every specification, we continue to lead the industry in efficient turnaround and full customer satisfaction.

Proven Engineering Experience

Our innovative solutions are developed and manufactured by our dedicated engineers who bring over 90 years of combined experience to the table, fully meeting the needs of for both the integrator and the client. Every conveyor, system, and component comes with the technology to address the particular industry challenges that you face by helping you exceed your production requirements and long-term operational goals. In particular, we are committed to providing you with the latest hardware and software products and have the expertise to install the automation and robotics components to your system so to further streamline your process.

Individualized Design Support

Power Pack offers a broad range of support and guarantees that you receive direct access to our experienced team during every step of the manufacturing process. From designing custom conveyors to servicing existing systems with replacement components, our staff will work closely with you to ensure that you have exactly what you need, when you need it.

Talk to an Engineer

Our dedicated representatives are committed to guiding you through the process of selecting and designing the solution that is right for you. We welcome you to contact one of our experienced engineers today to begin the discussion about your next conveyor system.

Tools for System Integrators

Power Pack’s experienced engineers are fully prepared to help you design a conveyor system that is exactly what your client is looking for. We welcome you to contact us today and experience our proven track records of being a source that system integrators trust to maximize productivity and efficiency.


PPC Case Study

Packaging Industry

Power Pack worked with a large privately-owned packaging company to design and properly integrate a system that would safely and efficiently move 55-gallon steel drums through their newly acquired industrial ovens during a painting and curing process.
PPC Case Study

Plastic Injection Molding

Power Pack focused on designing and building an automation solution for a systems integrator by creating a floor-to-ceiling production within the facility’s existing footprint to move 30-pound boxes filled with plastic parts to a loading area.
PPC Case Study

National Distribution Facility

Power Pack worked with a robotics integrator to design an automated and streamlined system to properly sort packaging and junk mail for the US Postal Service and free up manual workers for other tasks.

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