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Plastic Injection Molding


A systems integrator specializing in industrial automation.


The current production process was labor intensive and the integrator was unable to maintain adequate staffing to support its entire operation. Their best attempt at a solution was to build automation into their existing process.


Power Pack specifically focused on designing and building a system that would move 30-pound boxes filled with plastic parts to a loading area. Designed to run both on the floor and on the ceiling, the completed system was built to work within the production area’s existing footprint.


Ceiling belt conveyors transported boxes to decline belt conveyors and then brought them all to a robotic loading area. Empty pallets were then dispensed from a de-stacker onto a chain-driven live roller (CDLR) conveyor and brought to 1 of 16 different loading areas along the CDLR conveyor. At that point, robotic arms stacked the fully loaded boxes onto the pallets. Once each pallet was full, they were transported back onto chain-driven live roller conveyors and brought to 1 of 2 lines to be fully shrink wrapped before being picked up by material handlers.

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