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Packaging Industry


A large privately-owned packaging company based in the Midwest USA.


The company sourced new industrial ovens that were used to cure painted 55-gallon steel drums. However, the current conveyor system was not properly integrated to move drums to and from the ovens, which was necessary for their operations.


Power Pack worked with the company to design a solution that would move the steel drums both in and out of the new industrial ovens in a fully integrated manner.


When each steel drum exited the paint booth, it was moved down a decline chain-driven live roller conveyor (CDLR) to a 90-degree transfer where it was staged for transport to the oven. The transfer was custom-designed to fit around the existing oven chains and both the in-feed and out-feed were also custom-designed for the application. Once the curing process was completed, the drums exited the oven onto another CDLR that then moved them onto a curved CDLR, transported them along 120-feet of yet another straight CDLR, and finally deposited the finished product into the shipping department.

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