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A systems integrator that was hired to install an automation production line for a large consumer appliances company.


The existing assembly line was manual, antiquated, and inefficient. The systems integrator wanted to modernize the production process with an automation design that improved ergonomics, efficiencies, and production predictability while also eliminating the need for an operator at the loading point.


Power Pack worked with both the industrial systems integrator and the end user to improve the entire design of the extensive and complex assembly line.


The finalized design line moved three different sizes of product that came out of two different entry points. The path that each appliance part took varied, depending on which line it moved through, but each of the distinct assembly operations was virtually identical. Also, depending on the entry point, parts could be loaded onto either belt conveyors or chain-driven live roller conveyors and traveled through both incline and decline conveyors. The system was designed to offer different height changes in order to create ergonomic benefits for the operators that focused on loading and unloading the products. After traveling through the conveyor area, the product was brought to another place where robotic arms completed the assembly work. Then the assembled parts moved to an inspection area for an operator to complete quality control. For every part that passed inspection, it was moved onto a chain-driven live roller conveyor and then to an existing elevator that carried it to a second-floor storage area. If any part failed inspection, a pop-up transfer moved it to a repair bay.

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