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Trailer Conveyor System for Just-In-Time Delivery

Power Pack designs and builds trailer conveyor systems to automatically load and unload a complete trailer in approximately one minute. The product is placed on a dedicated pallet for Just-In-Time delivery from component suppliers to assembly plants. Empty pallets are then carried back on the return trip to the supplier.

• A belt trailer has a built-in conveyor belt or chain-and-flap assembly on the floor of the trailer to assist with unloading. Belt trailers are also called self-unloading trailers. This design allows drivers to unload a trailer from within the truck.
• Trailer conveyors are available with manual controls, semi-automatic controls, or interacting components within a totally computerized system.
• Belt trailers can handle small to large components, from car seats, engines, and transmissions to truck cabs and frames.
• Power Pack belt trailer systems are designed to meet today’s Just-In-Time deliveries for storage of manufactured products, reverse sequencing and staging, automatic loading and unloading at dockside, and delivery to line set.

Power Pack trailer conveyors are designed to provide fast and efficient plant-to-plant loading and unloading of components for just-in-time delivery to line set. Power-Pack systems engineers specialize in creating advanced systems to reduce manufacturing and inventory costs while meeting market demands.

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