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Plastic Belt Roller Conveyor

Plastic belt conveyors, sometimes known as plastic chain conveyors, are utilized to convey a variety of products, from packaged or unpackaged lightweight material to heavy loads requiring extra support. Plastic belt conveyors are sprocket-driven made with interlocking plastic links chained together to form a belt. This construction provides a high degree of flexibility, allowing the belt to bend around sharp corners, incline, decline, and even spiral if needed.

•Power Pack plastic belt conveyors can be designed with a steel or aluminum base to ensure easier installation.
•Plastic belt conveyors are flexible and modular with a wide selection of belts to meet various applications, satisfying most layout requirements.
•The belts are constructed using plastic modules that are easily replaceable without removing the belt, making these conveyors an effective, low-maintenance solution.
•Available in both standard and heavy-duty construction

Plastic belt conveyors are designed to provide proper belt alignment, and in most cases, eliminate the need for take-ups. These conveyor systems provide positive engagement and consistent tracking. There are many details and specifics taken into consideration when designing a plastic belt conveyor to ensure correct movement and efficient operation. The Power Pack engineering team will ensure the conveyor design meets specifications and operates as required.

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