Belt Conveyor Systems

Belt Curve Conveyor
Belt conveyors are designed with Power-Pack’s Standard patented drive and take-up pulley assembles and concealed bearing mounts for operator safety. Tri-Lock Leg Supports provide extra rugged construction.

Belt Over Roller Conveyor
Horizontal belt over roller conveyors have a roller bed to support the belt while conveying heavy loads in a variety of applications.

Cleated Incline Belt Conveyor
Cleated Incline Belt Wheel Idler Conveyor
Cleated Incline Nose-Over Belt Conveyor
Cleated incline conveyors carry products that easily roll backward up an down from angles of 1 to 60 degrees.

Horizontal Belt Conveyor
Horizontal slider bed belt conveyors have a solid bed to support the belt and are the most universal style conveyor for general purpose applications.

Horizontal Flanged Conveyor
Horizontal flanged belt conveyors have both belt edges flanged up to 4” at 30 degrees. Flanged belts requirer metered flow to eliminate overflowing of product.

Horizontal V Belt Conveyor
Horizontal“ V “ track belt conveyors have a “ V “ belt attached to the bottom of the belt which provides a positive belt tracking systems that eliminates the need to adjust belt tracking. “ V “ tracking is important for maintenance when conveyors are located in hard to reach paces like in the ceiling, floor or inside another machine.

Incline Belt Conveyor
Incline Nose Over Belt Wheel Idler Conveyor
Incline conveyors provide a simple solution to moving products up and down from angles of 1 to 30 degrees.

Totally Enclosed Flanged Cleated Incline Conveyor
Totally Enclosed Flanged Horizontal Conveyor
Totally Enclosed Flanged Incline Conveyor
Totally enclosed conveyors are ideally suited for transporting large quantities of bulk materials. The top cover prevents powdery materials from contaminating surrounding areas while the totally enclosed belt return keeps outside materials from entering the conveyor.