Power-Pack Conveyor Company Definitions

POWER-PACK® Standard Conveyors – Built the way you want them...


BELTS are designed to carry different products and perform different functions. Conveyor models have many selections of types, styles and materials for the best applications.


CASTERS are designed to easily move conveyors from machine to machine or in and out of equipment.


CHUTES are designed to direct product to or from a conveyor, to other conveyors or into containers.  Chutes can be single direction or multi-directional. Fixed, Pants Leg, Flip-Flap and Rotary.


CLEATS are designed to hold products on an incline conveyor from rolling back. Cleats provide different size pockets for variety of products.


HOPPERS are designed to hold, meter and feed product onto a conveyors.


LACERS are designed to attach both ends of a belt together.


LEGS SUPPORTS are designed to hold conveyor frames in position.


POP-UPS are designed to lift a product up at a workstation on an indexing conveyor for a variety of manual or automatic functions.


PUSHERS are designed to push and transfer products on to, off of, or into other conveyors, chutes, hoppers or containers.


ROLLS are designed for rolling transfer of products in many different conveyor and system functions. Rolls have a variety of wall thickness, materials, shaft sizes and bearings to choice from.


ROTATORS are designed to rotate products from 1 to 360 degrees for a variety of functions. Rotators can be used in combination with Pop-Ups to lift and rotate.


SCISSOR LIFTS are designed to lift and transfer products from one level to another. Conveyors are mounted to the scissor lift to provide the transfer function.


SIDES are designed to keep products from falling of conveyors.


STACKER / DE-STACKERS are designed for in line stacking and or de-stacking of products such as pallets for a variety of system functions