Trailer Conveyor

Power Pack designs and builds trailer conveyor systems to automatically load and unload a complete trailer in a speedy time as fast as one minute. This type of design is typically used for Just-In-Time delivery situations.  Sometimes, a product is placed on a dedicated pallet for Just-In-Time delivery from component suppliers to assembly plants. Empty pallets are then carried back on the return trip to the supplier. In other applications, no pallets may be necessary.

  • A typical trailer style conveyor is a belt, chain driven live roller, belt driven live roller, gravity roller, or plastic belt.  It really depends on each application.  The conveyor is custom-built into the trailer regardless of style, and in some cases, can have two to three levels of built-ins. 
  • Trailer conveyors are available with manual controls, semi-automatic or fully automated controls within a turnkey system.
  • Commonly used in the automotive industry, these trailer conveyors can handle small to large components, from car seats, engines, and transmissions to truck, cabs and frames. In other industries, other items being transported could be gaylords, standard wooden skids, or corrugate boxes. 
  • Power Pack trailer systems are designed to meet today’s just-in-time deliveries for storage of manufactured products, reverse sequencing and staging, automatic loading and unloading at dockside, and delivery to line set.

Power Pack engineers specialize in creating advanced conveyor systems to reduce manufacturing and inventory costs while meeting market demands.  Power Pack has been designing and installing turnkey trailer conveyor systems for many years. 

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