Telescoping Conveyor

Telescoping conveyors, also known as extendable conveyors, lengthen the belt carrying surface to reach closer into a machine or trailer.  They consist of a base and extractable boom designed to help reach inside of vehicles in a safer, quicker, and more cost-effective way. 

  • Telescoping conveyors can be fixed in place or move along the docks for easy access to any available doors. They may have wheels at the base and run on a track anchored to the floor parallel to the dock doors.
  • The extension and retraction of the telescoping conveyors are fully motor driven, allowing for a fast response to operator actions.
  • Power Pack telescoping conveyors provide precise control at the shipping dock by extending the conveyor all the way into the nose of the truck trailer.
  • Power Pack offers a variety of extension lengths and belt widths enabling the loading/unloading of bulk products of different sizes from trailers, containers, and vans.

Telescoping and extendable conveyors make a world of difference at busy shipping and receiving operations.  These conveyors allow faster and more ergonomic loading and unloading, as well as minimizing the need for operators to carry products manually. The specific requirements of your facility are taken into consideration by the engineering team at Power Pack to create an effective solution for your operation.

In stamping applications, telescoping conveyors are commonly used to transport stamped material out of the press.  These are beneficial in stamping plants for the following reasons: 

  • A telescoping conveyor can support heavier weights
  • A telescoping conveyor is designed to make it easier to reach stamped material

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