Gravity Conveyor

Gravity roller conveyors use the force of gravity to move the load over free-spinning rollers. This is the most economical, non-powered material handling system for moving flat boxes, containers, or products through packing lines and assembly areas. Gravity conveyors are easy to install and relocate since they do not utilize any motorized parts.

  • Power Pack gravity conveyors can be used on a decline or horizontal plane for push-assisted movement, creating an efficient method of picking and packing applications.
  • Ideal for flat-bottomed products.
  • Gravity conveyors are an efficient, cost-effective solution for transporting inventory in order picking and packing operations, assembly, shipping and receiving, and general conveyance.
  • Excellent for both permanent and temporary conveyor lines with the versatility of handling products in a wide variety of sizes and weights.

Roller and skate wheel conveyor options include gravity curves and spurs for added versatility. In some instances, high-maintenance conveyor solutions can be replaced with low-maintenance economical gravity roller conveyors to meet material handling needs.   

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