Die / Low Profile Conveyor

Power Pack low profile conveyors are sleek, space-saving systems designed to easily fit and integrate with machinery and equipment. Their compact frame height makes it easy for workers to reach over or under them within a confined space. With a rugged design, low profile conveyors are built to withstand the punishment of punch press or automated applications.  They’re also commonly used in applications that are removing stampings, slugs, or trims from stamping presses. 

  • Power Pack low profile conveyors are highly popular, compact units that can significantly increase material handling efficiency at your facility.
  • Designed for applications that will not allow the size of a conventional conveyor to fit, low profile conveyors have frame profiles under 2 inches, belt widths as small as 2 inches, and drive pulleys under 1 ½ inches.
  • Common applications for low profile conveyors include metal stamping, pharmaceutical, food processing, assembly, and packaging.

Power Pack engineers work with you to determine the best design for this custom-built conveyor system using proven, pre-engineered profiles. As usual, these are customizable to your unique needs.

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