Magnetic Conveyor

Magnetic belt conveyors are one of the most widely used conveyors and are a simple design. Designed to hold and convey metal parts on a moving belt, materials can be conveyed both horizontally and vertically. Either a large permanent magnet frame or a series of small electromagnets is equally spaced throughout, and the magnetic attraction is enough to resist gravity effects. 

  • A variety of fabric belts can be used to design this style of conveyor to allow the magnets to hold materials firmly to the belt while they are moving.  Such materials include small, machined parts and other ferrous-based items. This can reduce the need for manual handling in some applications.
  • Ancillary components such as feeders and hoppers make Power Pack magnetic conveyors a complete handling system. 
  • The applications are endless when it comes to magnetic belt conveyors as they can convey on the top or the bottom of your belt.  

Power Pack magnetic belt conveyors are most often used in recycling, stampings, small tools and metal scrap applications or anywhere items are transported up an incline, down a decline, vertical or other difficult paths.  Power Pack engineers will help you design this based on each application. 

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