Belt-Driven Live Roller Conveyor

Belt-Driven Live Roller

Belt-driven live roller conveyors, often referred to as BDLR’s, are very versatile with accumulating and conveying items as they can handle products of various shapes, sizes, and weights. The simple design of belt-driven live roller conveyor systems makes this style of conveyor a low-maintenance option. These conveyors are optimal when conveying boxes, cases, drums, and totes at various weights. 

  • Belt-driven live rollers have applications for accumulating, diverting, merging, and transporting materials and products.
  • Belt-drive live rollers are typically configured for minimum pressure accumulation and zero pressure accumulation.
  • A belt-driven live roller is essentially a gravity roller powered by a belt beneath it that runs in the opposite direction of the roller. 
  • Belt-driven live rollers have the ability to stall or stop the product on the conveyor while the belt is still moving.  It also can create accumulation zones by lowering the drive from the belt roller.

The best applications for belt-driven live rollers are conveying loads of cartons, totes, fixtures, and cardboard boxes; non-contact accumulation, zone-based, and single load release when discharging product. Power Pack belt-driven live roller systems are used in applications around the world for warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, order fulfillment, aerospace, government/military agencies, automotive, and parcel handling. 

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