Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor

Wire mesh belt conveyors are very versatile as they are well suited for applications involving washing, drying, heating, cooling, or spraying products.  Power Pack Wire mesh belt conveyors can withstand extremely high and low temperatures while maximizing airflow through the belt. The wire mesh belt and construction type determine its best uses in different industries.

  • Flat wire mesh belt conveyors are constructed with cross rods and flat metal strips, allowing endless splicing, easy air circulation, excellent fluid drainage, and ease of cleaning. Flat wire conveyor belts have a flat surface with maximum open area for free air flow and water drainage. This makes them easy to clean and highly sanitary. Maintenance is as easy as replacing only the sections that are damaged or worn. Flat wire mesh belts are an optimal choice for food baking, cooling, and freezing; sorting, sieving, washing, drying, painting, and transferring.
  • Woven wire mesh belt conveyors are designed with different wire weave openings, wire styles, and materials to allow air or liquid to bypass products in cooling, washing, or spraying applications. Wire mesh belts are optimal for conveying hot or oily parts, and perfect for drying or cooling products in virtually every industry.
  • Stainless steel construction is available for corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, non-absorbent, and temperature-resistant applications.  The features of stainless-steel construction make it an optimal choice for food or pharmaceuticals, or chemical and corrosive product processing. 

Power Pack wire mesh belt conveyors offer many features and options that can be modified to meet industry-specific applications such as a variety of options including rollers, longitudinal wear strips, and herringbone wear strips. Endurance, reliability, and reduced maintenance make wire mesh belt conveyors optimal for many industries.  Learn more about the two different types below: 

  • Flat wire: Constructed of cross rods and flat metal strips
  • Woven wire: Constructed of different wire styles woven together

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