Troughing Idler Conveyor

Troughing idlers are angled belt carrying rollers that provide a trough for the belt to carry bulk materials. The idlers are cylindrical rods that extend under and along the conveyor belt. The idler is comprised of a central idler roller with a fixed width and two or more wing idlers located on each side. The wing idlers can be adjusted up or down to change the troughing angle, affecting the depth of the trough created by the belt as it moves. The rollers themselves vary from 15 to 45 degrees.

  • The design of the trough reduces the risk of material spillage and increases the ultimate load-bearing ability of the conveyor for improved safety and productivity.
  • Trough conveyors are ideal for conveying loose or bulk materials, especially abrasive materials making them best suited for cement, coal packing, sand and gravel, scrap yards and salt mining applications.
  • The raised edges of the trough belt keep dirt away from internal parts making it an excellent choice for handling very dirty produce.

Troughing idlers are suitable for high-load applications. Power Pack engineers will keep your specific applications in mind when they design the ideal troughing conveyor for your needs.

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