Tabletop Conveyor

Tabletop conveyors are linked, hinged plates that come in plastic, mild or stainless steel plates.  They’re designed to carry or accumulate product for filling, loading into, or removing from automated machinery. The design makes it suited to a wide range of high-speed production environments. Tabletop conveyors have excellent flexibility for production line layouts and are suitable for curves or changes in elevations. 

  • Tabletop conveyors are built with flat top plates that allow them to transport items through production more efficiently and safely.
  • Narrow tabletop chain widths are available for multiple strands and variable speed conveyors making them well suited for a wide range of high-speed production environments. 
  • Tabletop conveyors can solve a wide range of processing requirements including labeling, production inspection, product filling, and weighing, as well as moving small, delicate products throughout the production process.

Tabletop conveyors can accommodate unique application environments with innovative surface options. With low friction values, high resistance to wear, low noise level, wide belt applications, and a variety of belt configurations, Power Pack engineers will design the best tabletop conveyor to meet your specific needs.

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