Pallet Stacker / Dispenser Conveyor

Pallet stacker and dispenser conveyors provide an automatic method of dispensing or accumulating empty pallets into or removed from a conveyor system. The pallet stacker / dispenser conveyor is constructed of heavy plate providing high durability for years of use. The pallets are stacked in a magazine form as they accumulate.  Forks or clamps engage the stack while an electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic lifting mechanism is used to raise or lower it.  

  • Power Pack pallet handling stacker & dispensing conveyors are industrial strength and designed for continuous use with the ability to handle a variety of racks, containers, tires, and pallets.
  • Typically built to order based on customer needs, pallet stacker / dispenser conveyors are primarily used to reduce the product footprint for storage.
  • Pallet stacker / dispenser conveyors can minimize the risk of back injuries and strain from manually loading or unloading pallets. The automation process can provide greater production efficiency.
  • With the primary function of releasing one product at a time via an exit conveyor, the stacker / dispenser can handle both wooden and plastic pallets.

Power Pack pallet handling conveyor systems can be used to dispense or accumulate various sizes and types of pallets. Power Pack pallet stacker / dispenser conveyors are industrial strength and designed for rigorous, continuous use. Both pallet stackers and dispensers have a wide range of design possibilities that are taken into consideration by Power Pack engineers during the design phase. 

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