Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyors are designed to carry products with single, double, and multi-strand roller chains. The positive drive method allows products to be conveyed as well as very heavy loads such as pallets, boxes, and industrial containers.

  • Power Pack chain conveyors are rugged and durable, suited for many items that would not typically convey on a roller conveyor.
  • Chain conveyors are ideal for wrong-way pallets, industrial containers, racks, automobile frames, or other products with a sturdy conveying surface.
  • Chain conveyors integrate easily into systems with chain driven live rollers, adding versatility to production lines.

Chain conveyors can be used to construct complex interlinking solutions and are used in numerous industrial and commercial environments including warehouses, automotive plants, and distribution centers. Often times, chain conveyors are used in situations where belt conveyors are not an option.  These situations typically involve high temperature applications, height weight demands, higher durability needs. As with all Power Pack conveyors, efficiency, productivity, and safety are all taken into consideration during the design phase.

See below to learn more about the two different types of chain conveyors.

  • Slat: Utilize a chain driven group of slats to move product
  • Drag chain: A simple design that utilizes paddles to conveyor material efficiently

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