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Full-Service IBC Management


A mid-sized industrial company based in the Midwest that provided full-service intermediate bulk container (IBC) management.


The company solely used a manual process for its cleaning operation that handled highly toxic chemical containers, which resulted in many safety concerns as well as additional production inefficiencies. The customer desired to have an ergonomically friendly and safety-oriented automation process.


Power Pack worked with the industrial company to fully design and then build an IBC system that cleaned the chemical residue out of tubs so that they could be reused.


The entire system, including the frames, chains, and hardware, was exclusively made from stainless steel and wash-down-duty components. The system transported 15 tubs at a time by moving groups of 3 tubs through 5 different cleaning workstations. Once the process was completed and a full test was run, the overall production cycle time improved more than 30% while reliance on employees was mitigated.

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