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A multi-billion-dollar international company located in the southeastern region of the USA.


Production levels were unable to keep pace with the high product demand, even when the industry was operating 24/7 during the peak season. The company’s required ROI was calculated to hit a cycle time of 28 units per minute.


Power Pack’s engineers worked hand-in-hand with corporation representatives in order to construct a system that would speed up production and fully meet the desired cycle time.


At the beginning of the production line, a bag was filled with construction materials and sealed. It was then transported from a flat wire mesh belt conveyor to a slip top belt conveyor that rotated the product 90 degrees. From there, the bag traveled through a pneumatic flattener and down a chain-driven live roller conveyor onto a pick conveyor. Meanwhile, a pneumatically-operated de-stacker dispensed a pallet onto another chain-driven live roller conveyor, where a robotic arm lifted and loaded the bagged product onto the pallet. Once the pallet was completely stacked with the correct number of bags, the same chain-driven live roller conveyor transported the full skid to the shrink wrap area.

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