3 Types of Trailer Conveyors Used in Transportation

Mar 9, 2023 | Chain Driven Live Roller, Trailer

Conveyors are devices that move materials from one location to another in commercial and industrial environments. They are necessary for the smooth operation and management of production, transportation, and distribution networks. Conveyors for trailers and other forms of transportation, in particular, play a significant role in production and transportation.

For trailers and transportation, there are three main kinds of conveyors: belt, roller, and chain conveyors. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each of these designs is crucial because they are each best suited for various uses and materials.

1. Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyors

For trailers and other forms of transportation, belt driven live roller conveyors are typically the most common. These conveyors have two pulleys, one at each end, that powers the belt in the direction of flow and are driven by electric motors. The belt is manufactured from a tough material like rubber, polyester, or PVC and can be built in a variety of widths, lengths, and thicknesses. Belt conveyors are perfect for moving loads because they can transport materials like packaged items, palletized products and other general goods. Palletizing, sorting, and material handling are additional frequent uses for belt conveyors. The primary benefit of belt conveyors is that they require little maintenance and generally operate quietly.

2. Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors

Chain driven live roller conveyors are a widely used conveyor type for trailers and transportation. Chain driven live roller conveyors are a type of industrial conveyor used to transport materials and goods along a production line. They use a series of chain-driven rollers to move goods and products along their path. This type of conveyor has several advantages over other conveyors, including its ability to run continually, and its ability to handle heavier loads. Additionally, the roller conveyor is highly durable, reliable, and cost-effective. The rollers are designed to keep materials and objects from slipping off, so it is an ideal choice for many industrial applications.

3. Chain Conveyors

If you’re looking for a durable conveyor type for trailers and transportation, chain conveyors may be the best option for you. These conveyors use metal chains interlinked to move materials along a track, which can be made of metal or plastic. Chains come in various widths, lengths, and thicknesses to suit specific application needs. Chain conveyors offer fast and efficient material movement, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications like scrap or metals processing.

In conclusion, there are three primary types of conveyors for trailers and transportation: belt driven live roller, chain driven live roller, and chain. Each of these designs has its own advantages and limitations, and it is important to choose the right system for the desired application. All three types of conveyors can offer a efficient way to transport materials, but the right design and installation is necessary to ensure the system meets its intended purposes.

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