Robotics & Automation

Robotics and conveyors work together to deliver a more streamlined, efficient operation with more accuracy and a strong return on investment. The integration between robotics and conveyors in recent years has created a higher level of automation for a variety of packaging, manufacturing, warehousing and production operations. As technology in robotics continues to evolve, Power Pack works with robotic integrators to keep pace with conveyor solutions as well.

  • Robots remove employees from the monotonous, repetitive action of loading and unloading pallets all day long, saving money in time and labor. Robotics in smaller operations are end-of-line operations where palletizing may be required. 
  • Robotic applications require products to be in an exact location, exact position, at an exact time which in turn requires a conveyor system that can support the necessary operation. Power Pack conveyors are efficient and reliable and are engineered to work in conjunction with robotics.
  • Integrated conveyors are prevalent in automotive component manufacturing, as well as other industries that call for automated and manual assembly or handling of products.
  • While Automated conveyors can replace some human involvement, there’s typically some supervision required.  But, their ability to streamline material handling helps significantly lower the risk of human error.

Robotics manufacturers have designed the software to make installation and programming fast and easy. Once the program is installed, conveyors can be integrated with the control program allowing the user to set the inputs and outputs for their specific operation.  Robotic integrators design and engineer the overall integration of the system.

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