Machinery & Heavy Equipment

Machinery & heavy equipment industries have many challenges due to the size and weight requirements for related conveyor systems. Power Pack can meet those challenges with unique roller designs that allow for extra-wide conveying applications, live shaft rollers using pillow block or flange mounted bearings for extremely heavy loads, and enhanced safety factors for environments with abrasive airborne dust. 

  • Power Pack works with industry leading industrial equipment manufacturers to provide heavy-duty belt conveyor systems that meet their unique needs.
  • System solutions are a big part of the design process including: 
    • Design rate/ Takt Time
    • Buffer accommodations
    • Material delivery to the line
    • Physical layout and building constraints
    • Cost/value
    • Conveyor equipment design and conveying ability
    • And the service factor of the conveyor equipment

Power Pack engineers will take all these unique key items into consideration and recommend the best options for your facility to provide the most efficient, time-saving, and money-saving conveyors for machinery and heavy equipment industries.

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