Rotator/Turntable Conveyor

Rotator/turntable conveyors are typically designed to rotate a product and change direction, while maintaining product orientation throughout the system. The rotator/turntable conveyor can also be used to reverse the orientation of a product. Available in both powered and manual modes, Power Pack rotators/turntables can be used with various styles of conveyors, including chain driven live rollers, belt-driven live rollers, belt, and gravity rollers.

  • There are many applications for the rotator/turntable conveyor including the movement of cartons, totes, fixtures, and cardboard boxes.
  • Rotator/turntable conveyors are a versatile choice for many industries, including warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, order fulfillment, aerospace, government, military, automotive, parcel handling, appliances, cabinetry and furniture, and food and beverage. 
  • Frequently paired with conveyors on production lines, rotator/turntable conveyors keep products moving and are ideal for operating in high efficiency environments. Multiple operators can be working simultaneously around different parts of the manual rotator/turntable conveyors.

Power Pack engineers work to ensure the most efficient and reliable rotator/turntable conveyor solution for the specific operational requirements of each project. Capacity, speed, and weight requirements in both low and high configurations are all considered during the design phase.

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