Intralox Belt Conveyor

As many in the conveyor industry know, Intralox is the leading manufacturer of a variety of plastic modular belts.  Intralox belt conveyors are made of plastic modules assembled in an interlocked, bricklayer pattern with full-length hinge rods. This technology was invented by Intralox in 1971 and has become the standard in modular plastic conveyor belt systems. 

  • Intralox modular belts are easy to clean, maintain and repair.
  • Longer belt life allows for increased throughput while minimizing downtime.
  • The modular designs of Intralox belts allows for damaged pieces to be replaced without removing the entire belt.
  • Insert nuts can be added to the belt for fixture attachment.
  • Intralox belts can be built in Z-configurations to eliminate product-damaging transfer points while saving space and reducing the number of drive motors.

Intralox belt conveyors are suited for many industries including automotive, food, industrial, logistics, packaging, material handling, and tire/rubber manufacturers. The Power Pack team of engineers has worked with Intralox belt conveyor systems for decades. Depending on the application, Power Pack will determine the correct belt type and work closely with the client to design an Intralox belt conveyor system to meet operational requirements. 

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