Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor

The hinged steel belt conveyor is a rugged, heavy-duty design built for a long-term, low-maintenance operation.  Power Pack hinged steel conveyors are well-suited for low to moderate speeds with repetitive impacts and abrasive materials. Hinged steel belt conveyors are meant for continuous operation, minimizing downtime in the most demanding conditions.

  • Power Pack hinged steel belt conveyors are made in-house with heavy gauge steel rollers, cross rods, and interlocking side wings to keep the product within the belt pan.
  • A roller chain on both sides drives the belt bearing all the tension to allow the belt to float freely.
  • Power Pack hinged steel belt conveyors can be set up for horizontal, incline, decline, L-style, and Z-style configurations.
  • Hinged steel belt conveyors are ideal in robust applications handling scrap metal, dirty and oil-coated parts, metal chips, stampings, forgings, fasteners, die-cast parts, and castings.

The versatility of the hinged steel belt conveyor makes it an excellent choice for various industries where there is a need for running multiple shifts per day. The wide range of applications and materials a hinged steel belt conveyor can handle makes it one of the most versatile and adaptable conveyor types. All Power Pack conveyors are designed to increase productivity, maximize operator safety, and provide consistent and efficient operations.

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