Chain-Driven Live Roller Conveyor

Chain-driven live roller conveyors, often referred to as CDLR’s, are designed to build and carry heavy products such as loaded pallets, filled drums, or even large tires. The rollers are driven by a chain and provide the power needed to move pallets. The frames are constructed of heavy gauge formed and welded steel with adjustable feet on the supporting legs. The welded construction makes it durable enough to handle the harshest conditions, toughest environments, and highly abrasive applications. 

  • Rollers are driven with sprockets and loop-to-loop chains to provide a positive driven conveyor.
  • Chain-driven live rollers are best suited for applications including totes and pallets that may be side loaded and unloaded, as well as accumulated.
  • Chain-driven live rollers work well in many industries including appliances, automotive, cabinetry and furniture, food and beverage, manufacturing, order fulfillment, and warehousing and distribution. 
  • Live roller conveyors use power to propel boxed and palletized products down the line. Roller conveyors are a practical, if not common, solution for medium to large-size products.

With a variety of options for frame dimensions, roller diameters, and spacings, Power Pack engineers will work with you to design the perfect chain-driven live roller for your operation.

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