Bucket Conveyor

Bucket conveyors, which consist of a chain or belt, are designed with scoop bucket cleats attached to the fabric belt or chain for handling bulk materials. Materials are moved vertically via reciprocating buckets which remain in position until they are tipped to discharge the materials. 

  • Bucket conveyors perform best when moving dry, light, or powder material such as iron ore pellets, sand, fly ash, and other bulk and small grain materials. Wet or thick substances do not do well in bucket conveyors as buildup will cause discharge issues.
  • Bucket conveyors are ideally suited for agricultural and the forging industries.
  • With a continuous row of buckets, it allows the conveyor to have a single discharge station. 

During the design phase, Power Pack engineers will take the specific operation requirements into consideration, such as the material being conveyed, the material’s weight, the height/distance it must travel, and the speed needed.

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