Accessories / Components

Power Pack offers a wide variety of conveyor accessories that can be factory installed on our equipment before shipment, as well as a variety of components that support an effective conveyor installation. 

Accessories can include hoppers, chutes, chain transfers, pop-ups, stackers/de-stackers, stops, leg supports, sides, and rollers.  These extras can provide setup or operational cost savings as well as a quicker setup time, especially when the system needs to be up and running quickly for the end-user.

Components can include scissors motors, reducers, chains, sprockets, lift tables, pushers, belts, lacers, rolls, cleats, and casters.  Some electrical components may include photo-eyes, Ultra Sonic sensors with quick disconnect (QD) cables, junction boxes, and motor disconnects just to name a few.

The Power Pack engineering team will make the best recommendations for accessories and components when designing your conveyor systems. During the design phase the overall operation requirements, type of material being conveyed, conditions the conveyor will be used in, and the weight of the products or material being moved will all be taken into consideration.

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